Physics Faculty & Staff

Diablo Valley College’s physics faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program. You will find their contact information in the links below.

Name Title Phone Office
Ramos, Charles Dean 925-969-4229 PS-263
Barnes, Linda Administrative Assistant III 925-969-4231 PS-263
Callerame, Keith Professor (Adjunct) n/a PS-139
Chiang, Chien-I Associate Professor SRC n/a PS-131
Colwell, Kitran Professor 925-969-4202 PS-141
Gheith, Muhammed Professor (Adjunct) 925-685-1230 PS-151
Goldenberg, Steve Professor (Adjunct) n/a PS-139
Golightly, William Professor (Adjunct) n/a PS-149
Gray, Corrine Professor (Adjunct) n/a PS-139
Hamida, Youcef Professor, Physics Area Co-chair 925-969-4207 PS-147
Katdare, Sonia Professor (Adjunct) n/a PS-157
Kisseleva-Eggleton, Ludmila Professor (Adjunct) n/a PS-157
Krivicich, Joe Professor (Adjunct) n/a PS-131
Lamichhane, Krishan Physics Lab Coordinator n/a PS-123
Large, Evan Professor 925-969-4208 PS-147
Martin, Shuleen Professor, Physics Area Chair 925-969-4201 PS-131
Mohebi, Mehrdad Professor (Adjunct) n/a PS-157
Rodriguez, John Professor 925-969-4206 PS-143
Speliotopoulos, Achilles Professor n/a PS-145
Walker, Ted Professor 925-969-4200 PS-131
Westlander, Meghan Professor, Adjunct n/a PS-151