Political Science Faculty & Staff

Diablo Valley College’s political science faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program.

Name Title Phone Email Office
Amer Araim, PhD Adjunct Professor 925-969-7330 aaraim@dvc.edu  FO-237
Ted Blair Adjunct Professor 925-969-7332 tblair@dvc.edu  FO-157
Jeremy Cloward, PhD Adjunct Professor 925-969-7529 jcloward@dvc.edu  FO-130
Cristoforo Forsyth Adjunct Professor 925-969-8072 fcristoforo@dvc.edu  FO-262
John Kropf Adjunct Professor 925-969-7354 jkropf@dvc.edu  n/a
Scott MacDougall Professor, Area Chair 925-969-2432 smacdougall@dvc.edu  FO-151
Albert Ponce, PhD Assistant Professor 925-969-2472 aponce@dvc.edu  FO-210
Michael Rivera, PhD Adjunct Professor n/a mrivera@dvc.edu  FO-262
Obed Vazquez Dean 925-969-2423 ovazquez@dvc.edu  FO-136