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Current Show: Spring 2020 Student Art Show

May 6 - June 30

Photo of student with face mask

Title of artwork shown above: The New Normal

Artist: Gabby Escobar

Here are the winners of the first online Student Art Show

To see the work go to:


Karla Herrera, Photoshop, Digital Imaging
Alfred Camacho, Portrait of a Viking, Adobe Photoshop
Winner Runner Up
Siripat Virushamornphan, A Series of Self Portrait, Mixed Media  
Sheridan Steele, The Sun, Digital, Clip Studio Paint
Izzy Davis, Zip it, Plaster, wood, epoxy, paint
Honorable mention
Camryn Bazan, Head, Cardboard, CD's, Epoxy Sculpt, mannequin head
Kelsey Lansang, Wisteria Bonsai, Crocheted copper wire and cotton thread
Karina Orozco, Untitled (2020), Plexiglass, Wood
Christine Black, I Am Not a Virus, Leather jacket, patches, needle & thread
Gabby Escobar, The New Normal, Lightroom, Photoshop
Honorable mention
Sasha Jackson, Hippocampe (seahorse in French), Collaged paper + Yes! Paste
Lucas Masch, Denied Expectations, Four Parts of a Hole, Photoshop/Lightroom (Digital Collage)
Jon Reyna
The one who knows the forest, Digital Photography
Painting Oil/Acrylic  
Saffron Munkres, Train Dreams, Oil on Canvas
Winner Runner Up
Yixuan Shi, Antelope Skull , oil painting
Honorable mention
Kelly Autumn Sperbeck, Spring (Self Portrait Study), Oil and charcoal on canvas Size: 16" x 20"
Kimberly Hulsey, New Beginnings, 3 feet by 4 feet (2 canvas) Acrylic Paint
Painting Watercolor/Gouache
Michele Maisie Mok, Flowers, Watercolor on Paper, 15 x 15” 
Primo Vargas, Tree Turtle, Graphite pencil on Bristol paper
Honorable mention
Katrina Tend, Coyote skull and bones, Graphite
Yixuan Shi, Skull, Charcoal on Paper
Summer Calvache, Prideful, Bristol Paper, screen printing ink
Honorable mention
Siripat Virushamornphan, A Reflection of Nostalgia, Printmaking (Drypoint on Plexiglass)
Student Choice Award 
Kate Vides, A Sense of Fashion, Film Photography

Please enjoy the slide show of our previous show.

 The work of Rodney Ewing


Gallery hours and Location:

Due to recent events please call or email Arthur King                                    

The Art Gallery is located in the art quad, room A305.

For general information, please contact Arthur Scott King, Art Gallery Coordinator

Coordinator: Arthur King
925-969-2245 (office)
925-969-2249 (gallery)
Division: Art
Directory: Applied and Fine Arts

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