Acceptable Technology Use

With the advent of powerful hardware and software, the Internet and the World Wide Web, computers have become a major communication tool. For example, we now use computers to send e-mail, explore the Web, gather information and offer distance learning. While computer use can stimulate intellectual, social and cultural growth, it can also facilitate harassment and other irresponsible, destructive behavior. The decentralizing power and flexibility a networked communications system affords may create situations that are not clearly covered by existing laws or current Contra Costa Community College District Policies or Procedures, making it mandatory that Contra Costa Community College District develop and enforce new policies and standards for the responsible use of technology on the campus. These policies, defining and governing acceptable and unacceptable use, will apply to anyone who uses any computer system, network system, Internet or Intranet web site, teleconferencing, or other data processing equipment owned or leased by Contra Costa Community College District as well as remote systems when used to access Contra Costa Community College District systems.

Use of the District's technology resources in violation of this procedure

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