Acceptable Use Policy

The District recognizes that it offers a variety of instructional and administrative technology resources to support learning, enhance instruction, carry out the legitimate business of the District and provide the ability to communicate with other users worldwide. These resources are provided to the District’s students and employees solely to support the District’s mission and institutional goals, and use of these resources shall be consistent with the mission, goals and this policy. Such open access is a privilege, and requires that individual users act responsibly and ethically. Users must respect the rights of other users, respect the integrity of the systems and related physical resources, and observe all relevant laws, regulations, policies and contractual obligations. These information resources and users’ accounts are property of the District, whether accessed directly or remotely, and shall be maintained and upgraded according to District standards.

All existing laws (federal and state) and District and college regulations and policies apply, including not only those laws and regulations that are specific to computers, voice mail and networks, but also those that may apply generally to personal conduct.

Users may be held accountable for their conduct under any applicable college or District policies, procedures, or collective bargaining agreements. Improper use of technology resources may result in the loss of technology privileges throughout the District. Additionally, improper use can be prosecuted under applicable statutes. Complaints alleging improper use of District technology resources will be directed to those responsible for taking appropriate disciplinary action as specified under ENFORCEMENT below. Illegal reproduction of software protected by U.S. copyright law is subject to civil damages and criminal penalties including fines and imprisonment. The District is not responsible for any unlicensed software loaded on a computer by individual students or employees.

Each employee user will have his/her own login name and password. This password must be kept secure, meaning it should not be shared or posted anywhere. Employee users should only use their own login names and passwords.

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