Removal policy

(Section VIII. of the Student Code of Conduct)

An instructor, for good cause, may remove a student from his or her class for the day of the removal and the next class meeting. (Ed. Code 76032 and 76033.)

A. Procedures before the removal

1. The instructor shall notify the student of the instructor's consideration of the removal from class and the reasons for the proposed removal.

2. The instructor may remove the student from the classroom immediately. Under normal conditions, the instructor should permit the student an opportunity to present a rebuttal to the accusation or otherwise offer relevant comment on the proposed removal. There need be no delay between the time notice is given to the student and the time of such a review.

3. The instructor shall decide whether or not to proceed with the proposed removal after hearing the student's explanation and considering all of the information relative to the issue. There need be no delay between the time notice is given to the student and the removal.

4. The decision may be given to the student either orally or in writing.

5. The instructor's decision is final and may not be appealed.

B. Procedures after the removal

1. Immediately following the removal, the instructor must notify the college president or president 's designee of the removal.

2. If the student removed is a minor, the college president or president's designee shall ask the parent or guardian of the student to attend a parent conference regarding the removal as soon as possible. If the instructor or the parent or guardian so requests, a college administrator shall attend the conference.

3. The instructor may request that the student meet with the college president or president 's designee, within three (3) days of removal, prior to returning to class.

4. During the period of removal, the student shall not be returned to the class without the concurrence of the instructor.

5. After the student returns to class, if there are additional incidents of disruption or other behavior constituting good cause, the faculty member will provide the necessary documentation to the President's designee so that more serious consequences, such as suspension from this particular class or from all classes for the rest of the semester, can be assigned.