Accreditation Advisory Group (AAG)

To remain accredited, every seven years the college completes a comprehensive self-evaluation and submits a written report of that evaluation to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.  In preparation for the completion of our 2014 Self-Evaluation, DVC formed an Accreditation Advisory Group (AAG) in fall 2012. The AAG is comprised of the college president, president of the academic senate, the president of the classified senate, the accreditation liaison officer, the vice president of equity & student services, the vice president of equity & instruction, the vice president of business & administrative services, and representatives from faculty and classified staff. 

Members of Accreditation Advisory Group (AAG)

  • Ashley Alvarez, President of ASDVC
  • Vicki Ferguson, Vice President of Equity and Student Services
  • John Freytag, Faculty, President of the Academic Senate
  • Marta Gillen, Senior Executive Assistant to the President
  • Joe Gorga, Vice President of Equity & Instruction
  • Anne Kingsley, Dean of Educational Technology and Learning Resources
  • Lindsay Kong, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Susan Lamb, President
  • Jeniffer Monroy, President of Classified Senate
  • Nikki Moultrie, Senior Dean of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Sara Parker, Vice President of Business and Administrative Services
  • Lisa Smiley-Ratchford, Faculty, Vice President of Academic Senate
  • Jen Tejada, Interim Senior Dean of the San Ramon Campus
  • Mario Tejada, Faculty, Chair of Distance Education Committee
  • Julie Walters, Faculty
  • Vacant, Vice President of Classified Senate