Safety on Campus - Spring 2023

Diablo Valley College and the Contra Costa Community College District are committed to maintaining a safe environment at our campus sites. While not all circumstances are preventable, we are continually working to ensure that protocols and procedures are in place to respond to emergencies as expediently as possible: protecting the safety of our employees, students, and visitors remains among the highest of priorities for our College and District.

Campus safety features

Classroom notification devices:

You can now use the new classroom notification devices from any classroom on the Pleasant Hill campus to connect with Police Services about any threat, emergency (including medical) or assistance you may require in the classroom or other public areas. These devices are available in classrooms and public meeting areas where phones are not present. (Classrooms on the San Ramon campus have telephones.) Please be sure to use this device even if 911 is called. Police Services can then direct the 911 responders to the exact location where the emergency is occurring.

To operate the notification device:
  • Press the button to connect directly to Police Services via intercom.
  • Red and blue lights on the speaker will light and a phone symbol and current time will appear on the LED screen.
  • A police dispatcher will come on the line and assist via the speaker. 
  • The line will remain connected until the dispatcher terminates the call. 
Police Services will dispatch an officer to the classroom or public area to ensure that the concern has been addressed.

Police Services Escorts

Student police aides and/or police officers are available to escort students to and from their classrooms on the DVC campuses. Call police services to arrange for an escort to meet on campus. This service is available on a first-call, first-served basis to all students and staff.
Pleasant Hill: 925-969-5547 San Ramon: 925-551-6212

DVC CARE team, and Wellness and Mental Health Resources

Visit the DVC CARE website to learn more about reporting crisis, conduct, and students of concern (CARE).

DVC Counseling in partnership with JFK University and Supported Education Services provides mental health and wellness services to students in need. Learn more by contacting the Counseling Office or by contacting

Campus Shield smartphone app

The Campus Shield App is available in the Apple iTunes store, or in the Android app store. Just download it, click around and see what’s there:

  • Calls go directly to the DVC Campus Police department drastically cutting down on emergency response time.
  • Under Emergency Tips find out what to do in an Evacuation, Shelter in Place, or other emergency procedure.
  • Use the FriendWatch feature to allow a friend to track your walk across campus and then check in when you safely arrive.
  • Use the Services button to request a police services escort, look at a campus map or look at public transportation information.
  • Use the Anonymous Report link to Report a situation to campus police.

It’s all right in the palm of your hand and it’s all FREE!

To learn more, please visit the following YouTube video.

Classroom door lock project (well underway)

Classroom door locks throughout the college are being replaced soon with new door locks that can be locked from the inside. A “thumb-turn” will be added to doors with mechanical crash bars so that they can be locked from the inside as well.

The DVC Safety Committee

The campus committee consists of a group of committed professionals who are working on revitalizing the college wide safety efforts through various campus safety initiatives. Through this group, the campus will have the opportunity to engage in at least one safety training opportunity each term, and will be invited to attend campus forums (on both campuses) to share safety concerns and hear about future initiatives.

To be better prepared for crisis both on or off campus please refer to the following resources:

  • Active Shooter training module provided by the District
    • To log in, use your Portal ID as your Username (ex: jdoe123)
    • If the information displayed is correct, click “Log Me In!”
  • Campus safety information and Safety tips on DVC’s website
  • District safety and emergency information on district website
  • Federal training resources such as ( and

What can I do right now to make myself better prepared for the unexpected?

  1. Add the DVC Campus Police Emergency phone number to your cellphone and keep it with your frequent or favorite numbers:
    • 925-969-5547, or ext. 25547 - Pleasant Hill campus
    • 925-551-6212, or ext. 56212 - San Ramon campus
  2. As always, stay alert to your surroundings and report any behavior or actions that seem suspicious.
  3. Report any safety hazards you observe.

Thank you for working together to keep DVC safe.

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