EV Charging Stations on Campus

California has a goal to have five million Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) on the road by 2030, roughly 1/3 of California’s registered vehicles. Since the transportation industry in California accounts for 40% of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) in California, achieving these goals will have a huge impact on reducing GHGs. 

There are currently 20 EV charging stations on the Pleasant Hill Campus.
The San Ramon Campus EV stations will be operable soon.

Fee Structure:

The rate has been negotiated and reduced by more than 50% of what it previously was.  Below is the new fee structure.

  • $0.20/kWh (0.04/kWh is Maintenance & Cloud portion), equivalent to ~$1.50/hr
  • Graduated pricing after 4hrs to $4/hr
  • A CCCCD parking permit will be required 

 If you have questions related to the parking enforcement in the EVCS spots, please contact the Campus Police. 

To use the EVCS, you can either use the ChargePoint app on your phone (download, install and set up an account) or a ChargePoint card to activate the station. Please visit the ChargePoint website for more info on how to charge your EV.    

Charging Station Map

There are currently 10 EV charging stations on the San Ramon Campus. They are located on the side parking lot.