Music Technology Center

Nestled in the core of the DVC Music building, the historic Music Technology Center (MTC) stands out as a unique and cutting-edge music production facility. The MTC offers comprehensive learning experiences for career paths in music production, audio engineering, and music business, helping students develop essential skills to get a job in today’s music industry.

Visit the Music Technology Center.

The Computer Lab, M-136

28 Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)

DAWs handle the entire music creation process, starting from recording digital audio and crafting beats and melodies with virtual instruments, to adding effects for a polished final mix of all tracks.

21" iMacs

Equipped with latest versions of Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, Logic Pro, and MuseScore. (more details below)

Isolation Booths

Our two isolation booths greatly reduce ambient and external noise, making them a perfect solution for a wide range of recording needs.

Meyer Sound System

Our Meyer Sound System creates the best sonic experiences possible, built on scientific innovation and quality engineering, used by artists such as The Grateful Dead and Ed Sheeran.

Solid State Logic SSL2+ Audio Interface

The all-in-one professional studio for musical collaborators and media production teams.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is the most used audio production software that artists, music producers, and sound professionals rely on to make music creation fast and fluid, providing a complete set of tools to create, record, edit, and mix audio.


Cubase empowers musicians with a vast array of cutting-edge tools for composing, recording, editing, and mastering music.


Live performance software popular with DJs with its suite of controls for beatmatching, crossfading, and other effects.

Logic Pro

A complete collection of sophisticated creative tools for professional songwriting, beat making, editing, and mixing, built around a modern interface that’s designed to get results quickly.

Korg Triton Sound Module

The Triton is Korg’s flagship workstation synthesizer for professional music production, with an extremely souped-up synth-engine ready to tear up your tracks!

M-Audio Keystation MIDI Controller

The Keystation 61es is a 61-note USB keyboard with velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keys that are designed to easily integrate in any computer music environment.


MuseScore is an easy-to-use music notation application that allows musicians to learn, create, edit, and print music scores.

Fab Filter

A trusted name in the audio industry, FabFilter offers a diverse range of innovative and high-quality audio plugins for music production, mixing, and mastering.


Serum lets you invent creative sounds with an intuitive layout for sound design, custom drawn or imported waveforms, and real-time wavetable animation.

Extensive Variety of Microphones

Over 25 different microphones to cover most any musical situation: condenser mics, ribbons, dynamics, and modeling mics are available in the MTC.

Secure Networked File Server

A 3TB file server that houses our 122 GB sample library and is networked and accessible from every computer station in the music lab.


The Mix Room, M-142

Mixing Suite

A dedicated mixing space, equipped with double doors and soundproofing, ensures you can mix without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

24" iMac

All in one desktop computer supercharged with the M1 chip. Fast, powerful, and elegant in design and overall performance.

AVID HD I/O Audio Interface

Designed for Pro Tools | HD systems, this audio interface captures every detail and nuance of a performance, allowing you to achieve high fidelity, extensive dynamic range, and the lowest possible latency for large-scale, high-profile projects.

ADAM Monitors

ADAM audio monitors have earned a worldwide reputation as the preeminent tool for sound engineers, based on our technological innovations in loudspeaker technology, which define their immediately identifiable sonic characteristics: accurate, transparent, and high definition.

PreSonus FaderPort Control Surface

Get more “hands on” with your music with complete transport controls for recording, along with a high-quality, touch-sensitive, motorized fader writing fades and automation.

Korg Trinity Keyboard

A synthesizer music workstation with a large array of effects, touchscreen, and 16-track sequencer.

Moog Sub-Phatty Synthesizer

An analog synthesizer combining the well-known hands-on control of vintage Moog instruments with a newly upgraded sound engine.


Did you know?

  • DVC has a partnership with Avid, allowing the college to offer a range of Pro Tools certification classes.
  • One of our Instructors, Dr. Nick Vasallo, is credited as being the father of a genre of extreme metal called “deathcore,” with his group “Antagony.”
  • One of our Music Industry Studies alums, Cade Wolter, has worked with Elton John.
  • One of our Instructors, Doug Michael, has music placements on many TV shows like Pawn Stars & Tanked.
  • A music industry studies alum Jay Som was discovered on Bandcamp and has toured all over America.
  • One of our Instructors, Bill Wolter, worked on Guitar Hero video games and has also worked with Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead.

Visiting the MTC

The Music Technology Center is inside the Music building on the southeast corner of the Pleasant Hill campus. The best place to park is Lot 1, next to the football field and police station.

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