Social Justice Events

Attend an event in our Social Justice Speaker Series, offered each fall and spring term.

Past Events

Sunaina Maira, Ph.D.
Christina Fletes-Romo Link to Christina Fletes-Romo's Equity Speaker Series presentation and video.
Tamisha Walker and Claudia-Jimenez Link to Tamisha Walker and Claudia Jimenez Equity Speaker Series video
Vanessa Tyson, Ph.D. Link to Vanessa Tyson's social justice presentation
Raul Moreno Campos Ph.D. Link to Raul Moreno Campos social justice presentation
Social Justice Day Coming soon!

Contact Social Justice

Contact: Albert Ponce
Telephone:   925-969-2472
Office location: FO-210 campus map


Contact: Sangha Niyogi
Telephone:  925-969-2498
Office location: FO-253 campus map