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Student-Athlete Academic Success Mission Statement

Diablo Valley College Athletics is committed to the holistic success of our student-athletes as we know achievements on the playing field go hand in hand with accomplishments in the classroom and personal lives. From our pre-participation orientation to individual tutoring to student-athlete success courses, we provide a variety of resources to help student-athletes maximize their potential and achieve their academic and vocational goals. Our academic support services help student-athletes develop essential skills for success in college and beyond. We strive to support our student-athletes as they become leaders on the field, scholars in the classroom, and role models in the community.

Student-athlete orientation

Support services for student-athletes are available from the very start, beginning with our pre-participation orientation. This class, PEIC 110, introduces newcomers to the DVC campus and Viking athletic community. In conjunction with the Counseling 96 class, this orientation introduces students to rules and regulations regarding intercollegiate athletic eligibility and competition. New student-athletes emerge from these orientation sessions with preliminary educational plans for their tenure at DVC, stronger understandings of requirements of intercollegiate athletic competition, and the right start to becoming eligible and successful student-athletes.

This is one of a few easy, yet essential steps to enroll at DVC as a student-athlete. 

Student-athlete success courses

Student-athletes are supported throughout their journey at DVC through a series of student-athlete success courses. These courses teach student-athletes essential skills for success at DVC and beyond. Topics include college study skills, interpersonal communication, leadership development, and tips for recruitment and transfer to 4-year institutions.

Current DVC student-athletes can enroll in these classes using InSite.