Expanding Your Horizons Conference 2008

E Y H 2008 Workshop - Crime Lab ChemistryDiablo Valley College hosted its second annual Expanding Your Horizons conference March 1, offering workshops, lunch, and lots of fun. The conference was attended by 158 girls from 31 different middle schools across the county and 47 parents, all of whom were extremely positive and rated the conference a huge success.

Each girl attended two 70-minute workshops, during which a small number of girls worked with professionals on such things as identifying ink on a ransom note, building a tool kit, making a tooth, cleaning up oil spills, and making music recordings. During a career treasure hunt, the girls had the opportunity to ask questions and interact one-on-one with the scientists.

E Y H 2008 Workshop - Girls RockThe parents heard presentations on parenting for academic success, paying for college, and on what their middle schoolers should do in high school to prepare for college, as well as a panel discussion about the whole college experience. Their comments included "wonderful," "inspiring," "very positive and full of information," and "I feel I can help my daughter in a more positive manner."

E Y H 2008 Workshop - When Rehab Goes WildOne sixth grader's comment summed up just what the conference organizers wanted to hear: "It's not so much what I learned, but how I felt at the end of the day. I was really proud to be a girl."