Tom Mowry, D V C math professor

Tom Mowry receives award

Long-time DVC math instructor Tom Mowry has been chosen to receive the California Mathematics Council of Community Colleges' coveted Teaching Excellence Award. The campus' math department selects from its own faculty the winner of this prestigious award, which rotates among the district's campuses every three to five years.

The CMC3 Teaching Excellence Award was presented to Mr. Mowry at the organization's annual conference fall 2007 in Monterey.

Tom received his Masters degree in mathematics from Michigan Technological University in 1980 and moved to California to begin his teaching career at City College of San Francisco as a sabbatical leave replacement for one year. He then continued teaching at City College, a well as at Golden Gate University, Cogswell College, and San Francisco State University as an adjunct.

Tom was hired as a full-time instructor of mathematics at Diablo Valley College in 1985, and has been teaching here ever since. He has taught a wide range of courses from prealgebra through precalculus, statistics, finite math, and all levels of both tracks of calculus. Also, Tom is one of the principal instructors working at the DVC math lab where he tutors students at all levels of DVC's curriculum. In addition to teaching, Tom is a co-author of the popular liberal arts textbook "Mathematics: A Practical Odyssey".

The students, faculty, and administration recognize Tom for his sincere dedication to all aspects of education. Tom is a creative, enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor; his sections always fill early and have lengthy wait lists. The faculty regularly ask for his opinions regarding pedagogy and logistics, and he holds the department record for serving as chair for 7 years. As department chair, Tom was involved in the hiring of numerous instructors in the math department and he is a Academic Senate designated trainer regarding the district's hiring process. Also, Tom is the department's lead instructor regarding assessment, cut scores and placement.

Congratulations Tom!