San Ramon High School Registration Day

SRC registration day staff

Over 40 students participated in SRC's first High School Registration Day, held Saturday, April 18 at the San Ramon Campus. The event was led by SRC Student Services staff from Admissions and Records Office, Student Services and SRC student leaders. Graduating seniors from all San Ramon Valley Unified School Districts were invited to participate in the event, with 6 out of the 7 district high schools were represented, as well as two high schools from Pleasanton who heard about the event through the grapevine.

The student schedule included completing the on-line application, the Math and English assessments, workshops on Financial Aid and EOPS led by Rudolf Rose (FAO) and Lindsay Kong (EOPS), a Insite tutorial, icebreakers and campus tours led by current student leaders from SRC, a free lunch (yes, it still exists!) and registration for spring and summer COUN 105. Student learning outcomes were assessed using pre- and post-tests and results will be posted to the Institutional Research website for SRC Student Services shortly. Participants' retention and success will be tracked through Fall 2009 to evaluate the impact of the event.

Parents that attended were invited to participate in a parent program, which included presentations by Nicola Place on Transfer; Financial Aid by Rudolf Rose; EOPS by Lindsay Kong; SRC Student Services by Ann Uawithya; and College Student Rights and Responsibilities by Yvonne Canada. A big THANK YOU to all of the guest presenters for their excellent workshops, their flexibility and giving us their time on such a beautiful day!

Another big thank you goes to...

The awesome SRC Admissions and Records Office staff:
Trinidad Ledesma, Lead Admissions and Records Assistant
Jennifer Curtis, Senior Admissions and Records Assistant
Maureen De Costa, Admissions and Records Assistant II and
SRC Admissions and Records Honorary Staff Member, Renee Savage, Senior Admissions and Records Assistant

The amazing one-woman Student Services department:
Ann Uawithya, Student Services/Instructional Support Coordinator

Our amazing student leaders:
Stephanie Boozer, former SRC Student Ambassador
Skyler Brady, SRC Student Ambassador
Mark Drucker, PTK Member
Rachel Hong, SRC Student Employee
Vera Jirjis, PTK Member
Brendan Joyce, PTK Member
Thomas Laursen, PTK President
Mark Lam Pleasant Hill Student Ambassador and
Melese Michaels, SRC ASDVC representative

Thanks to Jane Kincaid, Melody Phillips, Kristie Neto, Chris Knox, Werner Medina and the PH Print Shop for their excellent and efficient turnaround! A special thank you goes to Tonia Teresh Outreach/Relations with Schools Manager for the DVC shirts and lanyards for the event! As you can see in the attached photo, it was very easy for students and parents to identify us, and we looked great!

This event would not have been possible without everyone's hard work, smiling faces and great teamwork!