Victoria Liu, Seoyun Shin, Yuri Sato, Pyunggeun Han

Yuri Sato

Yuri Sato, a DVC student of Chinese (CHIN 121), won a first place in the 35th annual Mandarin Speech Contest in San Francisco, sponsored by the Chinese Language Teachers Association of California (CLTAC), whose goal is to promote Chinese language teaching and learning in California.

The contest was inaugurated in 1962 by three professors, K.Y. Xu, Leo Chen, and Maurice Tseng, all of San Francisco State University. It has evolved over the years into its present-day form, and just last year added the categories of immersion program, bilingual program, and advancement placement students. It is the largest and oldest event of its kind in the United States.

DVC students competed against about 150 contestants from colleges including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Stanford University, San Francisco State University, and the Monterey Defense Language Institute.

“All of our participating students delivered excellent performances in the CLTAC Contest,” said Young-Ming Wu, DVC Chinese Instructor.

Seoyun Shin and Victoria Liu each won a second place, Yuto Fukumoto and Risa Horiuchi each won a third place, and Pyunggeun Han won an honorable mention.

Special recognition is given to DVC instructors of Chinese, Gong Tian, Linda Guo, Peggy Dean and Young-Ming Wu, for their help in preparing the students for the contest, and to instructor Lily Miao for her coaching and Sheree Lin for her involvement in the CLTAC.