Rick Millington 

Rick Millington

Rick Millington of Diablo Valley College was named the Women’s Coach of the Year at the Northern California Big 8 Conference Swim Championships held April 21-23.

Millington, who is the head coach for men’s and women’s swimming at DVC, was assistant swim coach at DVC from 1971 to 1976, and from 1982 to 1986. He started teaching part time at DVC in 1982, becoming a fulltime instructor in 2001. He became the DVC head coach for men’s and women’s swimming and diving in 1996. 

Millington was a swimmer and water polo player at DVC. He was the MVP on the swim team in 1966 and was captain in 1967. He earned his A.A. degree before transferring to CSU Fresno on a water polo scholarship. He played water polo and swam at Fresno, and when his eligibility there was over, he transferred to CSU Hayward, where he earned his B.S. degree in physical education. 

His team, the DVC women’s swim team, is ranked first in the Big 8, and the men’s team is ranked second. 

Galen Sollom-Brotherton, a DVC sophomore, was named the Most Valuable Male Swimmer of the Big 8 meet. The DVC women’s 200 medley relay team won the Female Performance of the Meet. Team members were Diandra Prutton, Lisa Boozer, Rebekah Padilla and Courtney Leonard.

In all, DVC placed first (19) or second (9) –and in some cases both– in 28 out of 41 events.


1st—200-yard freestyle relay

Team: Rebekah Padilla, Katie Sartini, Courtney Leonard, Lisa Boozer

1st—400-yard medley relay

Team: Diandra Prutton, Rachel Maneggio, Rebekah Padilla, Lisa Boozer

1st—200-yard medley relay

Team: Diandra Prutton, Lisa Boozer, Rebekah Padilla, Courtney Leonard

1st—500-yard freestyle: Diandra Prutton

1st—50-yard Butterfly: Rebekah Padilla

1st—50-yard breaststroke: Lisa Boozer

1st—50-yard backstroke: Diandra Prutton

1st—100-yard breaststroke: Lisa Boozer

2nd: Rachel Maneggio

1st—100-yard butterfly: Rebekah Padilla

2nd—100-yard Individual Medley:  Rebekah Padilla

2nd—50-yard freestyle: Courtney Leonard

2nd—200-yard freestyle: Courtney Leonard

2nd—400-yard freestyle relay

Team: Courtney Leonard, Rebekah Padilla, Diandra Prutton, Katie Sartini


1st—500 yard freestyle: Galen Sollom-

1st—400-yard Individual Medley: Galen Sollom-Brotherton

1st—100-yard Butterfly: Nick Garrett

2nd: Michael Molina

1st—100-yard breaststroke: Brett Lowe

2nd: Jeremy Buck

1st—800-yard freestyle relay

Team: Brett Lowe, Pierce Hunter, Nick
Garrett, Galen Sollom-Brotherton

1st—1650-yard freestyle: Galen Sollom-

1st—100-yard freestyle: Pierce Hunter

2nd:  Jack Sorensen

1st—400-yard freestyle relay

Team: Pierce Hunter, Michael Molina, Jack Sorensen, Galen Sollom-Brotherton

1st—200-yard butterfly: Charlie Nanfria

2nd—200 yard Individual Medley:  Brett Lowe

2nd—50 yard freestyle: Jack Sorensen

2nd—400-yard medley relay

Team: Nick Garrett, Brett Lowe, Michael Molina, Jack Sorensen

2nd—200-yard freestyle: Pierce Hunter

2nd—200-yard butterfly: Nick Garrett