WorkAbility III Partners With Safeway

The DVC WorkAbility III employment development specialists and the Career and Employment Services Coordinator helped Safeway with two very successful hiring events on campus January 4 and 6.  

WorkAbility III is a cooperative program with the state Department of Rehabilitation and DVC Disability Support Services whose purpose is to help students with disabilities obtain employment. Safeway is a major employer of people with disabilities. The Career, Employment and Transfer Center helps DVC students and the greater community with job searches and preparation.

According to Stacey Shears, Disability Support Services manager and WorkAbility III coordinator, approximately 350 to 400 interviews were held on campus over the two events. The process included prescreening, first interview, second interview, drug test, background check, and final offer. A total of 125 people were hired for the new Safeway store opening near CVS on Contra Costa Boulevard. All applicants were asked if they were DVC students, and of those 125 people hired, 10 were DVC students and two were WorkAbility III students. 

Sue Arnett, employment development specialist with the DVC WorkAbility III program, said, “The Safeway Hiring Fair was a great collaborative effort that enabled us to strengthen the college’s relationship with Safeway and serve the needs of the community. It’s another successful product of our ongoing partnership with DVC Career and Employment Services.”