Haas transfer students

Fifteen Diablo Valley College business students have been accepted into the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley for transfer admission in fall 2013.

The Haas School of Business is one of the top business schools in the country, and annually receives approximately 1,475 undergraduate transfer applications from students throughout the state, country and world. It is a highly competitive process, with these top students vying to be one of only about 90 students who are admitted as undergraduate transfers.

The 15 students from DVC make up 16.7 percent of all those who were admitted.

“DVC faculty are to be congratulated for working hard with these business students in the classroom, as mentors, and as advisors for the two DVC student business clubs, Enactus and Phi Beta Lambda,” said Professor Carolyn Seefer, MBA, of the DVC Business Administration Department.

“These 15 students all excelled in their business courses, and almost all of them are members of one or both business clubs, several of them serving as officers. Their hard work and dedication helped to prepare them for success, and next year DVC will be extremely well-represented in the Haas School of Business class of 2015. 

The 15 students are Leah Boquilon, Sofia Putri, Debby Budiman, Nita Iwan, Michelle Tigris, Shinzu Jona, Kenny Yu, Harvey Yjiupek, Peter Kim, Kyutae Kim, Brian Kim, Witdiwat Kuakpetoon, Jean Carlo, Ji Young Kim, and Erika Nelson.