24 DVC Students Successfully Participate in Cyber Challenge Qualifying Quiz

cyber challengeA record-breaking 24 DVC students took the US Cyber Challenge qualifying quiz this spring in hopes that they will be invited to attend Cyber-Camp and participate in the US Cyber Challenge in August at San Jose State University.

The students who took the quiz were mostly from the computer network technology program, some were from the computer science program, and others were students who heard about the competition and wanted to participate, according to computer professor Doug Spindler.

“DVC’s students did very well,” Spindler said. “Based on the scores posted so far, it looks like every student qualified and will be invited to attend the cyber camp.” 

Those students who do well on the qualifying quiz are invited to attend the Cyber-Camp at no cost. The USCC summer camps feature one week of specialized cyber security training that includes workshops, a job fair, and a culminating “Capture the Flag” competition. The workshops are led by college faculty, top SANS Institute instructors (SANS is a private U.S. company that specializes in Internet security training), and cyber security experts from the community, and focus on a variety of topics ranging from intrusion detection, penetration testing and forensics. Students will compete in a regional and national cyber challenge on the last day of the camp. 

“The week of training classes at the Cyber Camp costs $4,500 plus meals and accommodations,” Spindler explained. “Thanks to a National Science Foundation grant and corporate scholarships, DVC students pay nothing to attend. 

“Last year a DVC student, Jason Reinstedler, won first place in the competition,” Spindler continued, “and received $1,000, a commemorative plaque, and a congratulatory letter form the President of the United States. We hope to have another win this year.” 

Cyber security professionals are in demand and receiving top pay. Students who perform well in the competition can receive job offers or scholarships to continue their education. According to Spindler, if you are good at playing computer games or like solving puzzles, you might consider entering a cyber-competition. The scenarios are different for each competition. You can take the quizzes even if you haven’t taken any CNT or COMSC classes.

“DVC will be competing in several cyber competitions in the fall term,” Spindler said. “Consider this an invitation to join DVC’s cyber-security completion team.”