DVC Phi Beta Lamba members win big at state business conference

phi beta lambdaThirty-seven members of the Diablo Valley College Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) business club competed this spring in the Phi Beta Lambda State Business Leadership Conference held in Los Angeles, and came home with 40 awards–a record number. Faculty adviser Charlie Shi accompanied them to the conference.

While there, they competed against PBL members from 13 other California colleges and universities, including UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Riverside, Cal State Fullerton, Las Positas College, and other prestigious schools.

Each year there is also a Miss PBL competition, a professional business pageant that includes dressing in professional business attire, answering interview questions, demonstrating knowledge about PBL, and performing a talent. DVC’s contestant Virginia Yan was crowned Miss PBL for the state of California, a first-ever win for DVC. 

Business-related competitions were held in knowledge events including computer concepts, contemporary sports issues, macroeconomics, cyber security, information management, international business, justice administration, networking concepts, personal finance, parliamentary procedures, and statistical analysis.  

DVC students also competed in a variety of presentation events, including accounting analysis and decision making, business communications, business ethics, business presentations, business sustainability, emerging business issues, management analysis and decision making, impromptu speaking, marketing analysis and decision making, sales presentations, small business management, and future business executive. 

Several DVC students also participated in skill events including website design, word processing, and accounting for professionals. 

PBL member Roy Hawke said, “What a wonderful experience to travel with the greatest PBL chapter ever to Los Angeles. Attending the State Business Leadership Conference and dressing up for success made me feel as if I were in the real professional business world.” 

“These students represent the entire DVC campus with such professionalism and enthusiasm,” said faculty adviser Carolyn Seefer, “and we are all so very proud of them.” 

DVC Winners and their awards: 

In the Chapter Awards, DVC won 1st place in the sweepstakes (most awards for two-year colleges), and firsts for largest chapter in the State of California and largest increase in number of members. 

DVC’s Virginia Yan was named Miss PBL for 2014, and also won first place for raising the most funds ($1,859). Yan and Harmin Kaur won second place in the Chapter Community Service Project, and Angad Padda Singh won second place and a State Business Leadership Conference scholarship.


Knowledge Events

Computer Concepts – Alexander Butorin, 1st place; Belinda Huang, 4th place

Cyber Security- Belinda Huang, 1st place; Kevin Tian, 4th place

Networking Concepts- Alexander Butorin, 1st place

Justice Administration- Belinda Huang, 2nd place

Parliamentary Procedures- Kevin Tian, 3rd place; Harmin Kaur, 5th place

Statistical Analysis- Alexander Butorin, 3rd place; Virginie Poetry, 4th place

Information Management- Steven Wijaya, 3rd place

Macroeconomics- Devina Halim, 3rd place

Contemporary Sports Issues – Michael Silva, 4th place

International Business – Vivian Natalia, 4th place

Personal Finance- Daniel Humphrey, 5th place


Presentation Events

Business Communications- Gabriella Hinse, 1st place

Emerging Business Issues- Vivian Natalia, Virginie Poetry and Virginia Yan, 1st place; Rexy Adrianto,   Alexander Butorin, and John Prawira, 3rd place

Small Business Management Plan- Rexy Adrianto, Moises Haro, and Lisa Valipour, 1st place

Accounting Analysis and Decision Making- Daniel Humphrey and Sunyoung Youm, 2nd place

Business Sustainability- Roy Hawke, Kevin Tian, and Steven Wijaya, 2nd place

Future Business executive- Belinda Yan, 2nd place

Sales Presentation- Amber Humphrey, 2nd place

Impromptu Speaking- Angad Padda Singh, 3rd place

Business Presentation- Francia Moran and Tsz Kin (Stephen) Yu, 4th place

Management Analysis and Decision Making- Carlos Barraza and Zehua (Joanna) Huang, 4th place; Seungjae Ko, Kyle Nguyen, and Michael Silva, 5th place

Business Ethics- Amber Humphrey, Vivian Natalia, and Virginie Poetry, 5th place

Marketing Analysis and Decision Making- Sarah Chew, Zehua (Joanna) Huang, and Michael Silva, 5th place


Skill Events

Website Design- Alexander Butorin and Belinda Huang, 1st place

Accounting for Professionals- Daniel Adrian, 2nd place; Belinda Yan, 3rd place

Word Processing- Steven Wijaya, 4th place


The 40 total awards won included 12 first-place, eight 2nd place, seven 3rd place, eight 4th place, and five 5th place awards