Letters from studentsLoAnn Winkler

January 19, 2010

Ms. Judy Walters, Ph.D.
College President
Diablo Valley College
321 Golf Club Rd
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Dear Dr. Walters:

I had the opportunity of attending LoAnn Winkler’s Introduction to Marketing class (BUSMK-256-3867) this past fall semester and found her to be an exceptional instructor.

I’ve been in the business world in corporate real estate for years and yet I learned many new marketing concepts from the materials, ideas and class discussions encouraged by LoAnn. We had a very diverse class and LoAnn was able to connect with the students by making the course interesting, challenging and fun. It’s very apparent that she loves teaching and I felt that she was the best instructor I had during this first semester of my college experience.

LoAnn brought in experts from various disciplines of marketing to share their experience of the day to day workplace environment (specifically, the managing director of a marketing group and the president/principal of a commercial print and mailing company specializing in consulting with companies to develop targeted direct mail campaigns). Because I am considering changing careers, the exposure to these individuals really was helpful to me in evaluating a career in marketing.

Key to the success of my experience in the class was LoAnn’s instruction and guidance in building an individualized corporate marketing plan, incorporating all the concepts we learned in class. This direct hands-on experience was truly vital in understanding how each of the marketing concepts applies in the real world.

I would really welcome the opportunity of taking another class from LoAnn. I know that funding at this point is compromised, but if you have the opportunity of bringing her back to the DVC campus for additional classes, it would be a great bonus to the college.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity of learning from this quality and delightful instructor.

Best regards,

A reentry student

Cc: Ms. Ellen Kruse, Dean, Business Division, ekruse@dvc.edu
Mr. Charlie Shi, Business Division Chair, cshi@dvc.edu
Mr. Allan Lacayo, Instructor Evaluation Mentor, alacayo@dvc.edu