Letters from students

From: Tamir Sheafer
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 7:41 AM
To: Malone, Nancy
Cc: Walters, Judy
Subject: Thank you note from past student

Dear Nancy,

You most probably don't remember me -- I was your student almost 19 years ago. But I do remember your contribution to my life and career. I'm writing to you because recently I and my friend and colleague, professor Scott Althaus from the University of Illinois, discovered that both of us have started our academic studies at DVC. We both went on to complete our BA at Berkeley, and later both became quite successful scholars in the area of political communication, Scott in the US and I in Israel.

Both of us have great memories from our time in DVC. As for myself, I particularly remember my English classes with you and with Barbara Sawyer (who probably retired).

As a university professor I like very much to receive letters from the past, from students whose lives were affected by me. I therefore wanted to do the same, and to thank you again for your contribution to my life.

Thank you,