Math Assessment

There are two options for assessing your math skills, the ISSA (Informed Student Self-Assessment) and the College Level Math assessment.

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ISSA (Informed Student Self-Assessment)


The ISSA can be taken at any computer with Internet access and does not require supervision. This self-assessment will place you into a lower level/refresher math course, or recommend that you take the College Level Math assessment. The ISSA can not clear prerequisites for non-math classes. 

You should take the ISSA if:

  • you have not completed Algebra II, or
  • if the Accuplacer College Level Math assessment has made this recommendation.

After you complete the ISSA, it is important that you press "save result and print" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you do not press this button, your results will not be saved and you will have to re-take the entire assessment. Your results will be available in InSite the following business day.

For step-by-step instructions, review How to take the ISSA.

Take the ISSA to get a better idea of your current math skill level. 

Review this chart to determine appropriate level of math after taking the ISSA assessment. 

ISSA details

Assessment type: multiple choice
Assessment sections: two levels of assessment available ranging from pre-algebra to algebra II
Questions: 15 questions
Time limit: none 
Re-assessment policy: unlimited 

College Level Math assessment 

The College Level Math assessment can only be taken at the assessment center with a scheduled appointment. This assessment will place you into the most appropriate math course for your skill level.

You should take the College Level Math assessment if:

  • you placed highly on the ISSA,
  • you have completed and passed Algebra II or higher with a "C" or higher both semesters, or
  • you are confident that your math skills are at a college level.
If you complete the College Level Math assessment and it shows you are not ready for a college level math course, you will not receive a placement. If this is the case, DVC recommends you take the ISSA (Informed Student Self-Assessment) to help determine which lower level math course you should enroll in. 

College Level Math assessment details

Assessment type: multiple choice
Assessment sections: algebraic operations, solutions of equations and inequalities, coordinate geometry, applications and other algebra topics, functions, trigonometry
Questions: 20 questions
Time limit: 1 hour
Re-assessment policy: the College Level Math assessment may be taken twice during your first assessing-semester (you must wait seven days before re-assessing), and once a semester for all following semesters.

Do I have to take the College Level Math assessment?

  • The College Level Math assessment is required for most students.
  • Students may not be required to take the assessment if they have:
      • completed an associate degree or higher,
      • taken the assessment at DVC or any other California Community College within the last two years,
      • completed a college level math course at another college and passed with a “C” or higher,
      • taken Calculus AB or BC Advanced Placement (AP) exam and received a "3" or higher,
      • taken the Early Assessment Program (EAP) portion of the STAR test and received “CSU Ready,”
      • taken the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) and received “Standard Exceeded,”
      • completed Algebra II or higher in high school and received a grade of “C” or higher both semesters.

Visit Do I need to take an assessment? for more information on how to qualify for the exemptions listed above.

College Level Math practice questions

Our math practice questions are meant to help prepare you for the College Level Math assessment, as well as help you understand if you are ready for a college-level math course. If you cannot pass the 10 sample practice questions, it is recommended that you TAKE THE ISSA to better assess your current math skill level.

Since the ISSA can be taken on any device with Internet access and does not require supervision, there are no practice questions for the ISSA. You can take this assessment as many times as you would like.

How do I get my assessment results?

Your placement results will be available online on InSite within 24 business hours of completing the assessment. The online placement results (formerly Multiple Measures) will be available in your student record after 24 business hours.

  • Go to
  • Click on INSITE (or
  • Log in with your user ID and password
  • Click on Plan-Progress tile
  • Click on Assessment Scores 
  • Click on Test Summary 

View our placement chart.

Please note: Assessment Center staff cannot give results over the phone, mail, fax, or email.

What do my assessment results mean?

See our placement chart to understand your results. Your assessment placement result can be found in InSite

Schedule an assessment

Visit schedule an assessment to make your appointment in Pleasant Hill or San Ramon. Please review the “day of assessment” information before scheduling.

Math course sequence

Review our Math Course Sequence Guide to understand what your placement means and which courses you may be required to take for your program or to transfer.

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