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In the summer 2016, several DVC alumni joined us on campus to share their stories and help us with our new Comcast television ad for 2017. (Learn more about our FABULOUS young stars.)

Ashley Caldwell - Former DVC Student Ambassador

Ashley Caldwell

"My main goal at DVC was to transfer to either a UC or a private school. I have always been an ambitious person who likes to make my dreams a reality. I utilized the resources available at DVC such as tutoring, meeting with counselors, and taking classes that interested me, including my general education courses. I also enjoyed the many clubs, programs, and events that were exclusive to active students, especially the Umoja Learning Community and the Student Ambassador program.

One of the most surprising things I learned about DVC was the community between students and teachers. I would recommend to new DVC students that they attend their professors’ office hours to develop a relationship with them and to receive extra help. I found it helpful to visit my Geology professor, Ms. Hetherington, multiple times a week because, although I enjoyed the class, it was a challenge for me. She also encouraged me to try new things, to discover what I love, and to apply to a UC.

I am currently a junior attending UC Berkeley for media studies. My experience at DVC gave me the confidence and foundation to reach my goals. I found strength from realizing my passions like Media Studies/Mass Communication by taking many classes, volunteering at events, and sharing my knowledge with others. DVC can give you the proper foundation if you choose to take advantage of it."

Learn about transfer opportunities available at Diablo Valley College by visiting DVC Transfer Services.

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Jaemin Song - Former DVC Student Ambassador

Jaemin Song

"My time at DVC was like a second chance for me. After receiving rejections from every college that I had applied to, I realized that I could go to community college. I was determined to take my education more seriously and find out exactly what my passions were. My goal was to decide on a major, pick a school, and transfer out within a year to a private university.

It was through my English class with Mary Vasudeva that I learned that hard work really pays off. Almost failing her class, I was determined to flip my grade around although it seemed an impossible task. I tried and succeeded through hard work and her willingness to meet with me.

It was through this experience that I became more confident as a student. I achieved my goal of transferring out in a year by staying organized and keeping in close contact with school counselors. I was inspired to make the most of my time here at DVC. Ann Uawithya, the Student Services Coordinator at DVC in San Ramon, gave me an opportunity to work as a student ambassador and I also joined the lacrosse team.

Since leaving DVC, I graduated from University of Southern California and became a full-time emergency medical technician. I recently applied to medical schools and am waiting to hear back from them. Whenever I think back on the second chance that I had through DVC, I am reminded to be humble and grateful."

Learn about transfer opportunities available at Diablo Valley College by visiting DVC Transfer Services.

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Maria Mata – Former DVC Student Ambassador

Maria Mata

"My first term at DVC was tough. As a first-generation college student I did not know much about the idea of college and the opportunities and resources available.  The thought of transferring was also stressful, and not knowing what classes I really needed made it hard during registration process. 

Then I began meeting people and getting involved at DVC. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and explored new interests. I became a student ambassador and my remaining time at DVC was incredible. I was more aware of the resources and opportunities available, which enabled me to grow and learn. My goal was to transfer in two years and I did so by connecting with professors, counselors and staff.  During my time at DVC, the professor who influenced and believed in me the most was my English professor, Evan A. Nichols.  He provided me with letters of recommendation and valuable feedback for scholarship applications.

I’m now attending Saint Mary's College where I have been able to use the tools I learned at DVC.  Attending a community college made me more confident. I grasped skills such as communication, organization and teamwork making my transition to SMC easier." 

Learn about transfer opportunities available at Diablo Valley College by visiting DVC Transfer Services.

Navjot "Navi" Randhawa – Former DVC Student Ambassador

Navi Randhawa

"Attending DVC for three years shaped me into a much more independent and hard-working individual. I became a better public speaker and took advantage of the opportunities available at DVC. My goals included doing well in my classes, transferring to a UC, and making lasting memories.

When I first got to DVC, I was surprised at the amount of resources that were available. The small class sizes allowed me to really interact one on one with my teachers so I could fully understand the class material.  I also found it valuable to visit my teachers during their office hours.  In addition, the counselors and the Career Center were extremely helpful with explaining different career opportunities and the transfer process. Lastly, being a part of the Student Ambassador program allowed me to share my experiences as a DVC student and help incoming students.

Thankfully, I was able to accomplish all of my goals.  Since transferring from DVC, I have continued my studies in Human Development at UC Davis. I am very happy I attended DVC because I can now use the skills I learned at the university level, and later, in my job." 

Learn about transfer opportunities available at Diablo Valley College by visiting DVC Transfer Services.

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Jonathan Watkins – Current DVC Student Ambassador

Jonathan Watkins

"Having lived all across the country serving in the Navy on my own for several years after high school, and then coming to DVC, the environment of higher education has washed over me like a refreshing rain.

When I started at DVC this past summer, I thought I would be unique in my motivation to succeed at DVC because it's a junior college. However, the general drive of the majority of students here has been an impressive surprise. Many students strive for high levels of success, from music to engineering, and it only makes me want to study harder and be a better person.

I’d like to give a shout out to all of my professors, especially Professor Mowry for his mathematical precision, Professor Haslam for his existential thinking, and Dr. Larson for often putting class on the edge of our seats.

My time here has been short, but amazing!"

Learn about transfer opportunities available at Diablo Valley College by visiting DVC Transfer Services

Talwinder Singh – Former DVC computer software engineering student

Talwinder Singh

"DVC made me a better and more responsible student.

When I was a student at DVC, I was surprised by how all the teachers are very friendly and nice to their students, and how they help students through every step. I have always been scared of math and physics courses but my teachers at DVC made it very simple and easy to learn. While at DVC, my focus was on Computer Software Engineering, but then I decided to change to Managerial Economics. I realized that I would rather deal with people not computers. 

My goal at DVC was to transfer on time to a UC.  In 2016, I transferred to UC Davis and I achieved that goal by working hard, paying attention in my classes, and staying on top of everything." 

Learn about transfer opportunities available at Diablo Valley College by visiting DVC Transfer Services

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