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Ami's Advice: Go For It and Know That You’re Not Alone

May 1, 2023

Attending college was the last thing on Ami Rajesh’s mind after graduating high school. For Ami, it just wasn’t the right time. “I graduated high school during the pandemic, so I really wasn’t interested in college.” But after a Google search about academic programs in computer science, she became interested in DVC.

But starting college in 2021 during the pandemic had its own challenges. “I was alone, and my classes were online, so I was not meeting anyone in person. It was really hard. I felt overwhelmed.”

Thanks to more in-person classes offered in 2022, and a new job working at DVC as a Student Ambassador, Ami found her way and began to excel.

“During the second year, I put myself out there more and when I got my job on campus, in Welcome Services, my co-workers encouraged me to take up new challenges.”

Ami believes community college is a great place to start if you want flexibility in a smaller setting. The ability to explore, make changes and have college experiences on a smaller scale has helped her to prepare for what’s next.

“You have a lot of course options, so you can explore and really find what you like, and then pursue it, while not spending so much money as you figure it all out. And you might not like being around big places or large groups of people, like at a university but at DVC, you get the same experience of college in a smaller setting.”

After completing her last semester at DVC this spring, Ami hopes to secure an internship and study data science over the summer. In the fall, she plans to transfer to a four-year college or university to continue her studies in computer science.

As Ami prepares to graduate and transfer in the fall, she encourages new students to take the lead, go for it and know that you’re not alone. “Each student is often going through the same things, and someone will know the answer. So, ask questions and don’t be afraid to seek out answers!”