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DVC Art Digital media student Jason Quiles will have his design work displayed on a billboard in downtown Oakland!

May 20, 2021

Congratulations to Jason for winning the Inspire Oakland BRIDGEGOOD design challenge with his inspirational design 'Hope for the Broken in Spirit' Jason celebrates the work of churches in poor neighborhoods and asks us to see homeless people and have hope.

Over 750 students were invited  80 students completed entries to specs. This is not easy!  22 Designers advanced to the presentation final 6 students were awarded Billboards.

Two other DVC students, Cynthia Leon, and Gina Christophersen made the top 22.

Gina's design 'Celebration of Murals' speaks about the power of murals to tell stories. Her design celebrates Oakland's shipping industry, the history of the Black Panther movement, the growing Rainbow community, and her traditional China dragon pays homage to Oakland China town. Gina is inspired by nature, so she also included the California poppy, the beautiful migrant birds, and the iconic Oakland oak tree.

Celebration of Murals,' by Gina Christophersen, speaks about the power of murals to tell stories.

Cynthia's Billboard 'Empowered Oakland Women' celebrates the diverse women of Oakland. She wanted her design to show how women in Oakland are both powerful and beautiful and she encourages us to celebrate and embrace diversity!

'Empowered Oakland Women,' by Cynthia Leon, celebrates the diverse women of Oakland.

All three DVC students presented their work last night at BRIDGEGOOD to a board of industry judges. The Board is a prestigious group of design professionals that comes from all over the Bay Area. A few of the companies represented include HCL, IBM, Etsy, Kaiser Permanente, Twitter, Facebook, Twilio, Google, and Salesforce.

The competition challenges students from both private and public colleges all over Northern and Central California to create original design that inspires Bay Area residents and emerging artists using their creativity, vision of diversity, and spirit of innovation.

Designers create iconic design work that answers the question:

“What about Oakland inspires you?”

Students are tasked with creating the following to correct design specs. A Billboard, Social Media Banner, A Bus Bench add, T-shirt and a LED Display.

You can view all the student presentations if you want to feel inspired: