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Measure E

DVC Campus and Facility Improvements Take Shape

Jun 15, 2020

Students at DVC have much to look forward to as major building activities are underway. Funding for the projects was provided through Measure E.

San Ramon campus

San Ramon Campus RenderingStudents at the San Ramon campus will enjoy a number of changes that improve their learning experience:

  • Upgrades to classrooms, tutorial spaces, anatomy and physiology lab spaces, art lab and ADA parking spots
  • New indoor and outdoor student gathering sites
  • A new 6000 square foot library / learning resource center
  • Updates to the learning commons and a new café
  • A new library / learning center, tutorial spaces, an expanded book store and food services

San Ramon Campus ConstructionMuch of the updates are completed, and building has already begun. The total budget for the project is $11.6M.

Pleasant Hill campus

Students at the Pleasant Hill campus will benefit from projects impacting both academics and student life.

Athletics and kinesiology complex

Kinesiology Complex RenderingUpgrades to athletic facilities have been long overdue. The planned changes will support DVC’s athletic programs, sports medicine/athletic training program, fitness training program, and more. The project includes:

  • New fieldhouse
  • New equipment room, team meeting rooms, locker rooms, faculty offices, classrooms, and a training room/lab
  • Updates to the pool and gym
  • Creation of new indoor and outdoor gathering spaces
  • Removal of portables

Interior of Kinesiology ComplexConstruction on the field house and faculty offices will begin this summer, with completion expected in mid-fall 2021. The updated gym will be ready for use in November 2021. The aquatics building, pool and men’s locker room will be ready in mid-2023. The total project budget is $41M.

Art complex

Art Complex RenderingStudents enrolled in art programs at DVC will enjoy a new two-story art complex. The complex will house all art programs including photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, painting and drawing, art-digital media, art history, and film, television and electronic media.

Toru Sugita“The new art complex will provide a natural bridge between art and art-digital media classes. Students will find connection between foundation and contemporary practice of visual arts,” said DVC art professor Toru Sugita.

Building will begin this summer, and will be ready for student use in early 2022. The total project budget is $39M.

Future Projects

Upcoming plans for our Pleasant Hill campus include a new academic complex as well as updates to the engineering building. Both projects are primarily being funded by Measure E, but also involve some local college monies.