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computer science

This Student Saw Teachers Lacked a Place to Share Digital Resources - So He Created One

Apr 25, 2023

In his former school district in California, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Rahul Bir noticed that the schools seemed inundated by technology.

Communication Studies

Diablo Valley College alumni dominate national speech and debate competitions

Apr 21, 2023

Two Diablo Valley College alumni have been making waves in the world of speech and debate, showcasing the skills they honed at the community college on the national stage.


Tiburon native’s graphic novel chronicles teaching amid pandemic while battling cancer

Apr 19, 2023

Adam Bessie likens teaching to improv. On a good day in the classroom, his community-college students are bouncing ideas off each other, sharing their perspectives freely and taking the lesson in unpredictable directions, generating an electricity he says is palpable.


DVC Alum Michelle Marcelline and Her Team Deliver One Great Product After Another

Apr 9, 2023

For the average person, our twenties are a time to play, study and experiment as we anticipate the start of our career around the thirty mark. However, for Michelle Marcelline - a young 24 year old from Indonesia - nothing could be further from the truth.


Breaking the Stigma around Community College: an astro[sound] bite

Feb 12, 2023

Community college is a place where we can all access inexpensive and quality education within the US. They can act as an equalizer in the American education system where the ranking of your primary and secondary education is usually correlated with the affluence of your family.