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San Ramon Student Success Stories

Mar 1, 2022

Ready for some inspiration? Learn how students' experiences on DVC's San Ramon Campus led to successful transfer experiences and fulfilling careers. Then, get to know San Ramon students by checking out their projects!

Anne Ha

I had one of the best experiences at SRC. I made strong connections with the staff as well as with other students while taking my general education courses there. I met and built friendships with people whom I still keep in contact with today.

Ann HaThe professors at this school care, and will help and support you. After 2 years of fulfilling my general education, I received acceptances to UC Berkeley, USC, and various UC’s that were a part of the TAG program.

I transferred to UC Davis after completing my requirements and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Biology with a minor in Education. I was inspired by my calculus teacher at SRC to explore the field of education and strove to connect with students, give advice, and make learning interesting.

As a result, I decided to continue my education and pursue teaching by receiving a teaching credential as well as a Master’s in Education. I have been on staff as a science teacher for five years at Dublin High School. Through my experience at SRC and the strong community at this campus, I was able to push myself, stay resilient, and exceed my goals.

Melika Ardestani

Melika Ardestani“Attending SRC is the best decision I have ever made. It provided so many opportunities for me to grow personally and professionally and was the perfect foundation for me to develop skills I didn’t realize I could have. I am currently studying at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and find myself perfectly prepared and not overwhelmed at all.

The faculty and staff care so much about students. I was president of PTK, a member of two business clubs, and held two jobs during my time at SRC and they were always there for me when things felt too stressful. What I thought was impossible became possible with their help.

I highly recommend all students take advantage of the many services at SRC. I regularly attended counseling, tutoring and office hours, which really put me on the path to success."

Jaemin Song

Jaemin Song“I wasn’t the best student in high school and knowing what to do after graduation didn’t come easily. Community college seemed like a good place to start, and SRC was the closest campus to my home. The writing lab really helped me improve my skills and succeed in my classes. I also regularly met with counseling to make sure I was on track to transfer. It paid off when I was accepted to the University of Southern California where I majored in Biology.

Although I originally planned to pursue Kinesiology, after taking a few classes at SRC, I knew I wanted a career in medicine. I will be attending Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine outside of Detroit, Michigan. My goal is to get into a residency program and ultimately becoming a medical missionary.

I am currently in Peru working at a missionary clinic observing doctors and helping with triage. It’s great to get hands on training and be a part of helping provide a poor community with high quality healthcare.”

Noor Khan

Noor Khan“I attended SRC from 2015- 2017 and transferred to the University of Texas at Austin where I am majoring in Psychology. I always wanted to pursue a career that helps people and the Psychology professors at SRC really inspired me. My goal is to go into healthcare administration or get my Psy.D in Clinical Psychology.

My professors at SRC also prepared me for four-year university class loads. With their help, I’ve been able to reach Summa Cum Laude at UT Austin and I am in the honors society Tau Sigma.

My favorite part of SRC was getting to work as a Student Ambassador with the faculty and staff. I enjoyed helping students apply to DVC and prepare for assessments. I also enjoyed team-building with my awesome coworkers!

My biggest piece of advice for new students is that your professors are here to help you. They want to see you succeed and transfer, so don’t be afraid to visit them in office hours or after class.”

Nick Wai

Nick Wai“I attended Diablo Valley College for three years and transferred in 2017. I loved the free parking at SRC and found it was really easy to get from one class to another on the campus. A lot easier than other community colleges I had been to.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Economics and Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. I plan to begin a career in management consulting to help corporations solve environmental issues. I’d like to start with my hometown of Oakland.

My best advice for students who want to transfer to a four-year university is to be involved on campus - join a club, work as a student employee, or even start your own club!”

Student Projects

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