What's Next?

Important dates

For more dates, see the full DVC calendar.

Fall 2019

Fall classes begin August 26! Haven't enrolled yet? Get started!

  • View the fall schedule.
  • Remember to select term "2019FA" before searching.
  • Check InSite for your specific registration date.

Degrees and certificates

DVC has over 100 degrees and certificates to choose from, including many transfer degrees. Meeting with a counselor is always a good idea if you're not sure which one is right for you, or you have decided to change your degree/certificate plan.

Important dates

Keeping on top of important dates is key to your success at DVC. Make sure to check back often during the term so you don't miss anything. To see all DVC events, view the full calendar.

Get involved 

There are many opportunities at DVC to get involved on campus. Most of these activities can be included on your four-year university application and may increase your chance of acceptance. 

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