Ethnomusicology/World Music

Dr. Bruce CookDVC's Ethnomusicology/World Music area is committed to the integration of musicology and ethnomusicology, history and ethnography; we encourage our students to challenge the shifting boundaries between Western “art” repertories, non-Western traditions, and popular music. Students receive solid training in a variety of historical, historiographical, analytical, cultural, and ethnographic issues before specializing in a historical period, geographical area, or a combination of these and other fields.

MUSIC-114 World Music
MUSIC-115 Music of the Middle East and South Asia

Dr. Bruce Cook

Director, Ethnomusicology/World Music

An avid explorer of soundscapes, Dr. Cook is a practicing ethnomusicologist (UC Davis M.A. ’09) Ethnographic fieldwork exploring music cultures has been conducted in Morrocco, Egypt and the American Southwest. He is presently completing a Ph.D. dissertation (UC Davis) about the ways music in a contemporary religious tradition serves to maintain identity and health for a Native American family. A recipient of four UC Davis Fellowships and the George and Dorothy Zolk Fellowship (’06), he was also awarded Best Teacher in Arizona (‘89) and has published numerous articles in the International Journal of Humanities and Peace, Kolner Studien Zur Musik in Erziehung und Therapie: Music as a Human Resource, and the American Music Research Center Journal.