Theory and Musicianship

Music theory plays a central role in the education of every DVC Music student. The study of theory includes a wide range of subjects, from hands-on training in musical skills to advanced research on musical structure and music’s cultural context. The goal of the DVC music theory program is not only to provide students with a solid technical foundation, but also to encourage their ongoing intellectual engagement with music as an art form.

MUSIC 122 Theory and Musicianship I
MUSIC 123 Theory and Musicianship II
MUSIC 222 Theory and Musicianship III
MUSIC 223 Theory and Musicianship IV

Dr. Owen J. Lee

Director, Theory and Musicianship

Dr. Lee teaches Theory and Musicianship II-IV (Music 123, 222, 223) which with Theory and Musicianship I (Music 122) constitute the four-semester theory and musicianship program at DVC. The program offers some of the most rigorous training available for aspiring musicians at any college. Basic instruction in music notation software is included. Students who complete the full four-semester theory program at DVC have been well prepared for transfer, and have been accepted at up to the junior level by a variety of four-year colleges and universities, including UC Berkeley, UCLA, California States San Francisco, East Bay, San Jose, and Chico, the University of the Pacific, BYU, Holy Names, Santa Clara University and others.