Open Educational Resources

With the cost of college and student debt rising, utilizing high-quality, free teaching tools is a great way to support your students and advance education equity.

The OER@DVC workgroup supports faculty to convert their courses from traditional textbooks to Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) through one-on-one support and cohort grant programs.

OER@DVC Spring 2022 Grant Program

Program Overview


This program will increase equitable access to education through zero-textbook cost materials (ZTC) and open educational resources (OER). Participants will receive equity-focused professional development, curation support, and a $3,000 stipend to convert existing courses from traditional textbooks to OER/ZTC.

New this spring: we are also accepting applications from faculty who are already teaching ZTC course sections and who want to improve/clean up their materials ($1,000 stipend).

Course conversions funded by this project are expected to save DVC students $468,000 by the end of 2023.


Open to all faculty (full-time and adjunct). Faculty can apply as individuals or as a department.

  • Applications are due Sun Feb 13, 2022.
  • OER@DVC Canvas training course runs March 7-April 24, 2022.
  • All course conversions completed August 15, 2022.

Funding is provided by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund and overseen by the OER@DVC work group.

Program goals

  • Reduce educational costs for students by providing no-cost learning materials that are immediately available, accessible, and representative of DVC students.
  • Increase current ZTC course listings at DVC by 15%.
  • Provide professional development about OER, equity, and accessibility.

Grant recipient deliverables

For individual faculty:
  • Complete OER@DVC Canvas training course.
  • Fully convert selected course(s) to OER/ZTC.
  • Ensure course is listed as ZTC in the online course schedule.
For department projects:
  • Publish and share revised or created materials under a Creative Commons license on a publicly accessible platform (such as Canvas Commons, LibreText, Pressbooks, etc.).
  • For project leads, complete OER@DVC Canvas training course.

Training and professional development

Faculty will complete a 6-week facilitated, asynchronous OER@DVC Canvas training course (March 7-April 24) which will support them through the initial phases of the conversion process. This course will cover the basics of finding and adapting OER, as well as how to incorporate anti-racist pedagogy and universal design principles into course materials.

For faculty who already teach ZTC courses, the OER@DVC Canvas training course will guide faculty to revise and improve OER materials.

Program outline:
  • Week 1: Intro to open education
  • Week 2: Anti-racism and open pedagogy
  • Week 3: Finding and curating OER
  • Week 4: Creating and adapting OER
  • Week 5: Universal design & accessibility
  • Week 6: Next steps: course conversion action plan

Prior to applying for this grant, we encourage you to conduct preliminary research into existing OER materials in your subject area to ensure that course conversion is feasible. More detailed training on how to identify relevant OER will be included in the Canvas training course.

Once you assess existing OER resources in your discipline, consider what you will need to convert your course. You may be able to adopt or revise existing materials, or you may need to create new materials. To identify existing OER materials we recommend:

To create a ZTC course, instructors can use a combination of OER, public domain materials, fair use copyrighted materials, and/or resources owned or licensed by the DVC Library.

Next Steps

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Lindsey Shively,OER@DVC Co-Coordinator
Andrea Sorce OER@DVC Co-Coordinator

2019-2021 LibreText Grant Program

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