Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

The IGETC is a general education pattern that community college transfer students can use to fulfill lower-division general education requirements for the CSU or many colleges in the UC system without the need to take additional lower-division general education courses after transfer. It is designed for use by California community college students. Students who have attended a CSU, UC, independent or out-of-state college or university should consult with a counselor to determine if the use of IGETC is appropriate to reach their goal.

IGETC is not right for all students planning to transfer. The IGETC is only one way to fulfill the lower-division general education requirements of the UC or CSU. It is not recommended for certain majors and some schools or colleges within UC do not accept IGETC. Students pursuing majors that require extensive lower-division major preparation may not find the IGETC option to be advantageous and may be better served by taking courses that fulfill the general education requirements of the UC or CSU college to which they plan to transfer. The IGETC will probably be most useful for students who want to keep their options open before making a final decision about transferring to a particular CSU or UC campus or a particular major. To be certified under IGETC, the entire pattern must be completed prior to transfer. If a student does not complete all the breadth and general education requirements of the IGETC with a grade of “C” or higher before transferring, he/she will be subject to the regulations regarding breadth and general education requirements of the school or college of the campus to which he/she has been admitted.

The current list of courses approved for meeting IGETC is available in the Counseling Center. Check with your counselor for complete information about whether or not you are eligible for IGETC.

Reminders: Students must request that the IGETC certification be sent to the four-year campus that they will be attending. Complete the IGETC/CSU G.E. certification request form at the Admissions and Records Office.

Please check with the counseling department for up-to-date information. The current IGETC list may be found at