sports medicineDiablo Valley College Sports Medicine Team

The head certified athletic trainer is Wendy Weber, M.S., A.T., C., C.S.C.S. This is Wendy's fourth year at DVC and her third as the head athletic trainer. 

Michael Chisar, M.P.T., A.T., C., C.S.C. is the assistant certified athletic trainer and physical therapist. Michael was head athletic trainer from 1995 until 2001, when he stepped back to devote more time to developing the Diablo Valley College Sports Medicine education program. Certified Athletic Trainers like Wendy and Michael are allied health care providers who are certified and regulated by the 53-year old National Athletic Trainers Association ( These professionals are educated accredited athletic training programs found at academic institutions that award at least a bachelor's degree upon completion, and they must then pass a rigorous all day, three-part examination to become certified. The role of the certified athletic trainer is to prevent, evaluate, treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries; as well as educate coaches and athletes.

In addition to the daily on-campus care provided by Wendy and Michael, the medical care of the DVC athletes is augmented by the invaluable assistance of the following health care providers:

East Bay Sports Medicine of Concord has provided the orthopedic care for our athletes ate Diablo Valley College since 1994. Dr. Michael Oberlander, M.D., is the head team physician. In addition to his practice and time devoted to DVC, Dr. Oberlander also works as a team physician for the San Jose Earthquakes Soccer Team and the U.S. National Rugby Team. Dr. Oberlander's partners at East Bay Sports Medicine; Dr. John Merson, M.D. and Dr. Michael Sacco, M.D., are also very involved in providing care to athletes at DVC, as well as serving as team physicians for local high schools.

Dr. Brian Elchinoff, D.P.M. has been a local podiatrist for many years. He not only works extensively with DVC, but also assists athletic trainers at other local colleges and high schools.

The primary care/family physician consultants are Dr. Andrew Ness, M.D. in Antioch, and Dr. Elisabeth Renner of Cardinal Primary Care in Concord. These physicians have donated their time and considerable expertise to assist our athletes and athletic training staff.

A special thank you to Dr. Lance Gee, M.D., of Kaiser-Antioch, who not only provides excellent medical care to our athletes, but helps facilitates their care in the Kaiser system.