Measure E Projects - Progress and Updates

Measure E construction and mainenance updates Measure E is providing funding for a number of projects to improve our infrastructure and facilities. Project implementation is being “phased” as we balance the need to move forward as quickly as possible with minimizing disruption to the college.

We have several projects that are currently “in process,” including improvements and new construction at the San Ramon Campus, renovation and new construction in the athletics and kinesiology area, and a new art complex. While we are referring to the new facilities by the “working titles” of ATHLETICS and KINESIOLOGY COMPLEX, ART COMPLEX, and ACADEMIC COMPLEX, stakeholders and college leaders will work together on a process to determine what we name them in their final occupation.

Want a bird's eye view of the construction progress?  View the Construction Web Cam!

Slated for future planning is a new academic complex and the Engineering Building remodel. These projects are primarily being funded by Measure E, but also involve some local college monies.

Measure E projects and updates

From programming to ground breaking

Each of the major projects has to go through the same stages, listed below, before the final construction stage begins. When a building has passed through all of the phases, the final construction phase begins (shovel in dirt phase.) Most people are unaware of how much work has to happen before the construction begins.

“Ground-breaking” is the milestone that signals the beginning of this final phase of the process. At the end of each project update below, the timeline refers to a percentage of completion toward this final construction phase.

Programming – identification of scope, budget and project schedule 3-6 mos
Conceptual design 6 mos
Design development - concepts worked and re-worked into drawings 6 mos
Construction design - final drawings for DSA submittal 6 mos
Submission - Division of the State Architect (DSA) 6-9 mos
Bidding – contractor selection process 3 mos
Construction – Ground-breaking 24 mos.

Who's involved?

Each project that is part of the overall Measure E program at DVC has many people involved at many different levels.

User groups – this group consists of anyone who is a direct stakeholder in the project. This would include the occupants of the building, and all the various individuals involved in developing the programs and learning spaces our students, faculty and staff need to thrive and be successful. Creating the conditions for student learning and success is at the core of the vision that the user groups develop in this early process.

Project steering committee (PSC) – this group reviews scope, budget and scheduling of the project with the goal of getting as close to the vision and needs of the user groups as possible while also keeping within a reasonable budget and minimizing the negative impacts of construction on the campus community. This group consists of the project managers, principal leaders for each project, deans who are also stakeholders, vice presidents, senior dean of instruction, and key faculty and classified staff stakeholders.

Executive steering committee (ESC) – like the project steering committees, this group reviews the scope, budget and schedules of the entire Measure E Program including the sequencing and impacts of not only the individual projects, but all of the projects as a whole. This group consists of the project managers, the college president, vice presidents, principal leaders for each project (deans who are also stakeholders) and constituent leaders in both Academic and Classified Senates.