About Our Staff


Rachel      Rachel

Career Services Coordinator

Rachel would love to help you explore questions about your career opportunities and pathways, so stop by the Career and Transfer Center to chat. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Rachel went to UC Berkeley for her bachelor’s degree and earned her master’s at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She’s currently pursuing her PhD in Higher Education Leadership. When she’s not at DVC, you can probably find her watching the Oakland A’s or baking yummy treats.

Tina photo Tina 

Transfer Services Coordinator

We know you have a ton of things to juggle. We welcome all DVC students to ask questions about transfer possibilities and about the transfer process. Check in with our office for news and events, and follow us on our social media sites and newsletter so you won’t miss out!


   Student       Worker

Mohammad is born and raised in Malaysia. He is currently studying at DVC as an international student majoring in Industrial Technology. His goal is to transfer to San Jose State University by fall 2020. He is able to speak English and Bahasa Melayu fluently. Likes to cook, play soccer, and being outdoors in general. A very friendly person and always have a smile on his face. Feel free to ask him about the Career and Transfer Center!

Patrick    Patrick 

   Student       Worker

Patrick is a second-year student at DVC. At first, he wanted to major in Graphic Design but his skills primarily lie within video editing. Instead he will be majoring in Film hoping to transfer on to SFSU's Cinema program. He spends his leisure time being outdoors and meeting new people as he is interested in getting to know individuals from all walks of life. Patrick thoroughly enjoys assisting students and would be more than happy to help in any way possible. 

cindy Cindy

Student Worker


Cindy was born in China and came to the US in 2017 after graduating from high school. She is currently studying at DVC as an international student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Her goal is to transfer to UCB in two years. She is able to speak English and Mandarin fluently. She likes to challenge herself and learn everything that is new to her. She enjoys making friends, playing the jazz drum, singing and learning science. Her dream is to travel around the world. She would love to share all her knowledge to help others. You’re very welcome to talk with her, get help from her, and make friends with her at the Career & Transfer Center. 

Celeste    Celeste

   Student       Worker 

Born and raised in Singapore, Celeste speaks English, Chinese and Taiwanese fluently. Harboring a deep interest in technology and computational science, Celeste is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Statistics with dreams of making it as a Data Scientist focused on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. When she's not slogging her soul out on her latest data project, she likes to explore her creative and artistic side a little more, pouring her heart into writing, playing music, singing, and researching about new and interesting places to visit. She might seem really shy at first, but underneath that shyness is someone who is willing to go out of her way to help you in any way possible. Find her at the Career & Transfer Center today!

Uchea   Uchenna

   Student       Worker

Uchenna is an international student from Nigeria, majoring in Journalism here at DVC. She hopes to transfer to UC Berkeley to earn her B.A degree, after which she plans on going into advertising and public relations. She is a staunch feminist and occupies herself with issues concerning gender equity in the society. She enjoys reading fiction novels and binge-watching political shows on Netflix. She also has welcoming personality and is always ready to help those that need it.



   Student       Worker

My name is Beatriz Rodriguez. I graduated from Ygnacio Valley in 2018 and I am a first generation college student. My parents got little education in Mexico so I worked hard to well inform myself in learning about college and transfer. I will apply to transfer this fall to San Francisco state and major in r and electronic communications.

Jose     Jose 

   Student       Worker

Born in Mexico but raised in the bay area. Graduated high school in 2018. First-year at DVC going on to my second, major undecided but leaning toward education or business. I am a puentista cycle 24. I like to cook, hang out with friends, and favorite show Casa de papel on Netflix.