Module 6: Canvas accessibility resources Canvas icon

This module is a compendium of external resources related to making your Canvas content accessible for students with disabilities. It will be periodically updated as new resources become available. These resources are meant to build upon the strategies and techniques presented in Modules 1 through 5 and are specifically for content created within Canvas (i.e. not uploaded from Word or PowerPoint).

  1. Canvas has published accessibility tutorials for specific Canvas features:
  2. Many vendors publish a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), a standardized document which evaluates a product's accessibility in accordance with Section 508 standards. Vendors note how aspects of their product support each criterion under 508. Because it is a self-disclosing document, it often behooves the purchasing entity to test the product themselves to ensure the VPAT is accurate. View the Canvas VPAT

  3. Northwestern University published an article titled "Five ways to make your Canvas course more accessible". It includes links to other external sites for reference and has helpful videos for adding headers and alternate text to images within the Rich Content Editor.

  4. The University of Minnesota's Accessible U includes "Canvas Accessibility Considerations". This site focuses largely on design, offering valuable tips for making your Canvas course inviting and accessible for all types of students from the landing page to the individual course materials.

  5. Penn State's ACCESSibility project includes Canvas tutorials for many of the same topics covered by the other sites, but also has information on writing accessible math equations in the Rich Content Editor.


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