Equitizing Your Classroom - Resources

Resources to help equitize your syllabus and class

Equitizing your classroom - pdf

Ideas for making your syllabi more accessible and your classroom a fair and approachable environment:

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

Describing Realities, Imagining Directions: Critical Race Pedagogies

  • Video of webinar
  • Slides from webinar
    • 19:40 Jennifer Brown (Barnard) talks about her influences and inspirations including Adrienne Maree Brown’s work and reconfiguring learning spaces.
    • 54:37 Question and answer about teaching and learning spaces

Syllabus samples

Twitter thread

Twitter thread in response to Eve L. Ewing (author, poet, professor, University of Chicago) - “profs of twitter: in the last few months I’ve seen lots of folks tweet about adding helpful things to your syllabi. Not readings, but statements about the course, about yourself, or resources you want students to know about. Care to share some of these in the replies?”

Student resources on campus

Resources to include in hard-copy syllabi and on Canvas:

  • EOPS:  Support for students hindered by language, social, and economic disadvantages.
  • Food Pantry: Offers supplemental food for students dealing with food insecurity.
  • Scholarship Office: There’s free money out there!
  • Tutoring on campus: Get free tutoring support in most subjects.
  • Counseling office: Academic, emotional, and career support.
  • Veterans Services: Connect with other vets and find support and community.
  • DSS: Make use of the accommodations for students with disabilities.