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Mom & DACA Student Finds Stability with a Tech Major

Aug 14, 2023

DVC alumna Wendy Karen Gomez Flores always wanted to work in the tech industry and in business management.

“That’s why I chose computer information systems as a major,” she recalls. In 2021 she enrolled at DVC to seize the opportunity to earn a degree after losing her job.

“I decided it was time to educate myself so I would be able to provide a financially stable future for myself and my family,” she added.

But going to college wasn’t always an easy road for Wendy. “I was born in Mexico and came to this country when I was eleven years old. My immigration status has been a challenge and kept me from enrolling in college right after high school.”

Wendy is now a mother and a DACA recipient. She says attending DVC gave her the support she needed as a first-generation college student and busy working mom. “I found a community at DVC that helped me so much by providing available resources whenever I needed them. I am especially grateful for the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) program, my counselor, and all my professors who were always encouraging.”

Wendy was faced with not only the challenges of being a new student and mother but also having to cope with financial hardship. “The biggest barrier I overcame was my finances because I am a mom and I had to work less to make time for my classes. EOPS was fundamental for me. The book vouchers allowed me to stay in school despite struggling financially.”

Wendy not only overcame financial barriers to attending college, she completed her education and graduated with an associate degree in computer information systems and a certification in project management and another in web design.

“My goal is to transfer to California State University in the fall of 2024 and earn a BA in computer information systems with database management as my specialty.” Ultimately, she is setting her sights on becoming a computer information systems manager for a large company.

What advice does Wendy have for first-generation students who are considering college? “I would say find a support system. I was very lucky to find my support system at DVC and it was key in my journey towards completing my associate degree.”

She also encourages potential students to be open to the resources offered at DVC such as counseling, scholarships, the EOPS program, TimelyCare, and tutoring services. “I used all these services, and they were key to my education and mental health.”

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