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You are Never Too Old to Set Another Goal or to Dream a New Dream

Feb 14, 2023

Aikisha Reeves started her college journey at DVC as a high school graduate in 1999 but an unexpected event cut that journey short. “My first attempt at DVC ended abruptly because I unexpectedly went into premature labor.” Aikisha’s priorities naturally needed to shift when she became a young mother caring for a premature baby. It was almost fifteen years later that Aikisha decided to give DVC another try. “I was seeking a career change but found that advancement opportunities were very narrow without a proper degree so, my desire to further my education evolved.”

But Aikisha found the return to college difficult as she managed demands at home, work and learning to be a student again. “Adjusting as a returning adult student was one of the biggest challenges of my life.” While simultaneously raising her daughter, Aikisha  was working a full-time job and was the primary caregiver for her mother. “I had to learn how to stretch myself even more if I would succeed the second time around.”

Aikisha ReevesIt turned out that DVC's PACE learning community had the most significant impact on Aikisha’s educational journey as a working adult. “The program was equipped with the resources and support that I needed to succeed as a non-traditional student. Without the options of the evening and online classes, I would not have been able to complete my degree.” With PACE’s dedicated counselors and mentorship, working adults returning to college get focused attention and support for their unique needs. “The unmatched support of my counselor, Shaeehea Hollis, and my peers helped keep me afloat throughout the years.”

Aikisha did more than just keep afloat! She graduated with honors, with a Business Administration associate degree for transfer, was a three-time scholarship recipient, and is currently at Cal State East Bay taking courses in Human Development and Human Resources.

If you’re a working adult wondering if you can return to college to achieve your dreams, Aikisha says to go for it. “For adults who may be doubtful about pursuing higher education, the famous fantasy author C. S. Lewis said it best: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Be encouraged!”

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