Student Equity Plan

The overall directive of the Student Equity Plan (SEP) is to advance inclusive excellence at Diablo Valley College (DVC). Inclusive excellence commits DVC to maintaining its high standards while actively supporting all students to learn and succeed with the understanding that the diversity of their experiences enriches the institution and its standards of excellence. This directive, and the goals, objectives and activities associated with it, are aligned with DVC's Strategic Plan, which has as its directive that DVC will increase student success. DVC's commitment to student success means that DVC has an institutional responsibility to recognize barriers to student success and to intentionally develop programs and practices to provide all underserved students with an equal opportunity to succeed. In so doing, DVC retains its commitment to excellence in all of its programs and services. Excellence and equity are mutually supportable goals. As educators and service providers, it is recognized that diversity and differences in students are valuable resources, not an obstacle to learning. Understanding excellence requires that diverse student populations are embraced and contributions be made as full participants in the construction of knowledge and critical thought. For these reasons, this SEP primarily focuses attention on institutional change to improve success for underserved students.

2022-25 Student Equity Plan

Learn more about current goals and plans in our Student Equity Plan 2022-25.

Check out the infographic explaining the Student Equity Plan.

Student Equity Plan Retreat

Please join us for our mid-term retreat on March 17, 2023 from 11 am - 3 pm in the Main Street Bistro to continue the conversation about Student Equity Plan implementation. Resources for the retreat include:

Feedback - All College Day

As part of our equity plan, the college will regularly engage with internal stakeholders for feedback. We invite you to review employee responses from our spring 2023 All College Day breakout sessions on operationalizing the student equity plan: