Governance at a Glance

Budget Committee –  Charge/Function:

  • Develop an annual plan for resource allocation. The plan will be guided by the Integration Council’s priorities for the use of fiscal resources based on their evaluation of college program reviews, college-wide plans, District/State mandates, as well as the overarching principles within the College’s Strategic Plan, Statement of Values and Mission Statement.
  • Educate the college community about the budget and budget allocation process and communicate the results of the annual prioritization and allocation process.

College Council


The College Council (CC) will serve as DVC’s central participatory governance body, functioning as the institution's primary procedure-making group. The CC acts as a collective review forum where representative leaders validate and support the integrity of the recommendations made to the college president. The CC derives its authority from its representative nature, not its superior status. As a crucial component of the governance structure, the CC will provide directions to other college committees to ensure that DVC is working collaboratively on establishing institutional goals.

Recommendations made by committees to College Council will be accepted or a written response will be provided stating the reason(s) why the recommendation was not accepted.


  • Serves as the final recommending body to the president on college-wide procedures (excluding academic and professional matters as defined in DVC Procedure 1009.01, Board Policy 1009, District Administrative Procedure 1009.01 and Title 5, Section 53200).
  • Reviews college-wide plans and recommendations from college committees for final recommendation to the college president, working closely with reporting committees to ensure that work is aligned with college goals and plans. Members take responsibility for the dissemination of information concerning college plans, procedures and initiatives.
  • Monitors and makes recommendations on the formation of new college committees or the continuation of existing committees.
  • Reviews all annual committee reports for college committees, councils and task forces and uses those reports to conduct an annual evaluation of the college governance and consultation model and recommends changes as appropriate.
  • Recommends allocation of college resources to the president, based on validated, prioritized program reviews, approved college-wide plans and initiatives, District/State mandates and requests from college-wide committees.
  • Participates in a comprehensive review both internal and external (using an approved procedure, timeline and rubric) of the effectiveness and inclusiveness of the College Council.

Institutional Planning Committee - Charge/Function:

  • Prepares the college strategic plan, reviewing and revising (as necessary) the college mission, values and philosophy statements with the Integration Council serving as a primary dialogue and focus group;
  • Oversees the development scheduling, coordination and validation of the following college-wide plans: Educational Master Plan, Student Equity Plan, Facilities Master Plan, Enrollment Management Plan, Student Matriculation Plan, Workforce Development Plan, Technology Master Plan, Foundations for College Success Plan, Office of Civil Rights Plan, and any other plans that are required by external agencies;
  • Recommends to College Council annual and multi-year college strategic directions, including action steps, from the CCCCD and DVC Strategic Plans;
  • Serves as the primary committee for matters related to the college’s accreditation, including overseeing the preparation of studies and reports and oversees college efforts to follow-up on issues identified.

Integration Council - Charge/Function:

The Integration Council is charged with fulfilling the institution’s commitment to college-wide dialog on program review and other data for the purposes of recommending improvements to the College Council on student services, instructional programs and administrative support services as well as the processes for governance and identifying institutional improvement needs. It will disseminate information on its findings to the college community. To ensure that institutional integrity is maintained, the Integration Council will:

  • Be a forum for dialog and recommendations on program review, college plans, student learning and achievement, support services and other data that promotes student success and institutional improvement;
  • Develop a knowledge base about all aspects of the DVC Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campuses—instruction, student services, administrative support—to make informed decisions about prioritizing resources;
  • Request and share information from and with campus wide committees;
  • Complete the linkage of program review reports, annual reports and college-wide plans by prioritizing the requests and allocating designated funds as identified by the Budget Committee’s annual plan;
  • Make recommendations to the Budget Committee, as part of the development of the Budget Committee’s annual plan, on priorities for use of fiscal resources based upon the evaluation of college program reviews and college-wide plans;
  • Maintain the recommended membership that provides for the broad representation of campus expertise.