May 2019

Governance at a Glance

In this issue: Governance Committee and Council Reports:

Governance Committee and Council Reports

Governance meetings are open to all members of the campus community and all are encouraged to attend. For up-to-date information and documents on governance, please visit our governance website.

Bookmark our governance meeting calendar to always keep up with what is going on in college governance.


Eleven writing teams comprised of faculty, staff and managers have been diligently working this spring on drafting our 2020 Institutional Self-Evaluation Report for the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).

First drafts of the responses to the accreditation standards will be shared with the college in the fall with ample opportunities to provide feedback and comments.

Accreditation timeline:
Fall 2019 -- the report will be compiled by the end of the term.
Spring 2020 -- the report will go through the college governance process.
Fall 2020 -- the visiting team will visit the DVC campuses.

For more information, please visit: Accreditation website, Becky Opsata, accreditation liaison.

Guided Pathways (GP)

Exciting things continue with the work of creating Guided Pathways (GP) for our students! A new Student Advisory Council (SAC) has been formed to assist GP planning by serving as a sounding board and focus group to provide needed student input.

GP design teams continue work with expanding participation throughout the college. The design team formerly known as Advising is now the Completion Team and will be coordinating with the Meta-Major design team and Counseling. This expanded group is working on department webpages, collecting map information, and working with the SAC as a student focus group.

The Entry design team is looking at the new CCCApply changes, Viking Day enhancements, adding financial aid to the steps to enroll, discussing expanding FYE into a second term, and working with the AB705 implementation group.

Finally, the Communication Design team has morphed into the college wide Communication Committee. This committee charge, function and membership has gone through the college governance process and is now an official governance committee of the college. This group will continue its work focusing on the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) grant supporting work focused on improving communication on the DVC campus.

For more information, please visit: The Guided Pathways website, Current tri-chairs: Becky Opsata (management), Kris Koblik (faculty) and Lupe Dannels (faculty).

College Council (CC) 

This term CC has:

  • accepted the Sustainability Committee's recommendation to install EV stations in parking lot 5 with a grant from PG&E,
  • reviewed and discussed diagrams and descriptions of processes for resource allocation, Program Review, and development and approval of college-wide plans,
  • reviewed ACCJC Annual update, Vision for Success goals, and approaches for surviving under Chancellor Oakley's Student Centered Funding Formula,
  • approved the formation of two new college committees: Communications Committee and the Student Equity and Achievement Committee,
  • approved the new college mission statement, and
  • created the Racial Justice Taskforce to address student demands.

For more information, please visit: the College Council website. Current Chairs: John Freytag (faculty) and Jessica Martin (classified).

Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee (RPEC)

The RPEC had an incredibly productive year and accomplished the following:

  • provided oversight of the administration of the Community College Student Survey on Engagement (CCSSE),
  • updated the Research Procedure 4100.01,
  • revised the committee charge and function,
  • made recommendations on goals for:
    • the Vision for Success
    • Guided Pathways
    • Accreditation
    • Student Equity Plan
  • worked collaboratively with many groups on campus to facilitate data collection and analysis. These groups included:
    • the Equity Plan Writing Team
    • the Professional Development Committee
    • the Tutoring Committee
    • the Technology Committee
    • the Guided Pathways Steering Team
    • the Racial Justice Taskforce
  • prepared to launch a new professional development program to develop data coaches at the college in the fall.

For more information, please visit: the Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee website. Current Chairs: Becky Opsata (management), Catherine Machalinski (faculty).

Program Review Committee (PRC)

The PRC completed the review and rankings of requests submitted in the fall term and are currently being reviewed by the Budget Committee (BC).

Once the work of the BC is completed, CC will have the recommendations of all participating committees and will make a final recommendation to the college president.

A task force of the PRC is looking at improvement to the template and process, and will be reviewing the recommendations made. Some implementation will be done throughout the summer.

For more information, please visit: the Program Review Committee website. Current co-chairs: Raymond Martin (classified), Obed Vazquez (management).

Budget Committee (BC)

BC has continued to increase its level of engagement in budget review and resource allocation this spring term. They have also completed the proposed revision of the BC charge and function to reflect their larger role. The new charge/function will go through governance process for feedback and revision and/or approval.

Beginning next fall, BC intends to:

  • collaborate more with PRC to implement a timeline that avoids duplicate requests on successive program reviews,
  • provide financial data on prior funding awards to the PRC, and
  • require accurate cost estimates for one-time and ongoing requests.

For more information, please visit: the Budget Committee Website. Current chair: Daniela Ballif (management)

Academic Senate Council (ASC)

The ASC will send faculty to meet with and ask questions to Chancellor Oakley at Contra Costa College on May 13. Oakley’s visit is part of a Listening Tour being held at a select number of community colleges.

In addition, the ASC is actively working on Guided Pathways and an OEI Grant, while also raising awareness and having discussions about the accomplishments and needs of DVC’s Career Education (CE) programs.

At their most recent meeting, the ASC voted unanimously to endorse a Senate resolution: “Resolution in Support of Creating an Equitable Campus Environment”. The ASC will continue to have regular agenda reports from the Racial Justice Task Force, working collaboratively to create an equitable environment for everyone at DVC.

For more information, please visit: the Academic Senate Website. Current leadership: Beth McBrien, president; John Freytag, vice-president.

Classified Senate (CS)

This spring term, CS and classified professionals have been very busy with the following work:

  • hosted two professional development events during spring break with over 60 attendees,
  • hosted a Brown Act Training,
  • are serving on accreditation writing teams and providing valuable insight to committees,
  • are helping support the district wide JobLinks on June 6,
  • hosted this year by DVC, are seeking nominations for CS vice president for the 2019-21 term. Contact Gabe Harven or Marisa Greenberg for more information.

For more information, please visit: the Classified Senate website. Current leadership: Marisa Greenberg, president; Jessica Martin, vice president.

For the charges and functions of the above committees, please visit the links to each committee above.

All DVC constituencies, including our students, can access our governance committee minutes and agendas through the public website.