March 2018

Governance at a Glance

In this issue: Governance Committee and Council Reports

Governance Committee and Council Reports

Governance meetings are open to all members of the campus community and all are encouraged to attend. For up-to-date information on governance and the various documents, please visit our governance website.

Bookmark our governance meeting calendar to always keep up with what is going on in college governance.


In January, the college received official notification that our Mid-Term Report had been accepted by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. The Commission concluded that the institution's "progress is appropriate" in "implementing our plans and improving outcomes related to student achievement."

The successful passage of this mid-term milestone is a moment of celebration for everyone at the college. Well done!

For more information, please visit the Accreditation website.

 College Council (CC)

At its most recent meetings, CC discussed and passed resolutions to endorse the following initiatives:

  • The college will pilot a Program Review process that integrates the expertise of the categorical funding ranking ensuring transparency of the allocation decisions for all college revenue. The ultimate goal is to complete the process by the end of the academic year enabling better budget decisions.
  • The college will proactively begin working to incorporate transparency and shorten the timeline into future Program Review processes beginning in 2018-19.

In presentations to the Council, President Susan Lamb discussed plans for all managers to integrate their goals (starting with the president's goals) to support the Educational Master Plan.

President Lamb also plans to meet with the management team and in consultation with the academic senate to work on ideas for revamping the Administrative Program Review.

Becky Opsata, Interim Dean of Accreditation and Special Projects, shared our institution-set standards as reported to the ACCJC last year in our mid-term report.

For more information, please visit the College Council website
Current Chairs: John Freytag (faculty) and Jessica Martin (classified)

Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee (RPEC)

This spring RPEC is working on:

  • finalizing the Closeout Report of the 2013-17 Strategic Plan,
  • updating college procedures on research, surveys and questionnaires, and integrated planning,
  • designing a research method for setting yearly college goals.

For more information please visit the Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee website
Current Chairs: Laurie Lema (management), Catherine Machalinski (faculty)

Program Review Committee (PRC)

The PRC is currently in the process of reviewing and ranking all validated comprehensive and annual reviews. The committee is also working on increasing transparency and improving the overall timeline for the Program Review process.

For more information, please visit the Program Review Committee website
Current co-chairs: Raymond Martin (classified), Obed Vazquez (management)

Budget Committee (BC)

BC continues to discuss the college budget allocation process while also continuing to review potential cost savings/operational efficiency ideas.

For more information, please visit the Budget Committee Website
Current co-chairs: John Nahlen (management); Laura Burns (faculty)

Academic Senate Council (ASC)

The Academic Senate has several council members actively involved in Guided Pathways work at DVC, and is in the process of collecting and discussing feedback from various departments and divisions regarding any insights, questions or concerns. In addition, ASC is currently discussing the possibility of participating in a new cohort for the Online Education Initiative (OEI); the proposed cohort will have an Equity emphasis.

The Tutoring Advisor Committee (TAC), chaired by Katy Agnost tutoring coordinator, made a presentation about the new online tutoring pilot for students at DVC. Several of the current Senate committees are reviewing their charge and function in order to better serve students, and to align with our new Educational Master Plan.

For more information, please visit the Academic Senate Website
Current leadership: Beth McBrien, president; John Freytag, vice-president

Classified Senate (CS)

Classified Senate will be hosting a professional development workshop during spring break entitled "How to Communicate with Tact, Professionalism, and Diplomacy."

Classified members will have the first priority in enrolling, and if space allows, they will extend the opportunity to managers and faculty, then districtwide. In addition, in June, six
Classified staff members will be traveling to Ventura to attend the Classified Leadership Institute.

For more information, please visit the Classified Senate website
Current leadership: Marisa Greenberg, president; Jessica Martin, vice president

For the charges and functions of the above committees, please visit the links to each committee above.

All DVC constituencies, including our students, can access our governance committee minutes and agendas through the public website.