Governance at a Glance

What are the four governance committees at Diablo Valley College, what do they do, how do these committees work together, and what are they currently talking about?

These are the questions that we will attempt to answer every couple of weeks to keep you in the loop.

December 2010

Now that the governance structure at DVC is well into its second year of operation, the groups continue to fine-tune and clarify their roles and responsibilities in the overall structure while also gaining a better understanding how the four bodies interact and ultimately work together.

What is in this issue:

Budget Committee (BC)
Integration Council (IC)
College Council (CC)
Institutional Planning Council (IPC)

The Budget Committee

The Budget Committee looked at the 2011-12 budget deficit, which is estimated at approximately $2.9 million. They also finalized the annual budget plan for next year’s budget. Due to the dire deficit estimates, the committee agreed to make a recommendation to set aside $50,000 of available one-time monies from the current year budget for emergencies, and roll over the remaining $624,000 to next year’s budget. This recommendation will be forwarded to the College Council, which is the governance body responsible for final submissions to the President.

Current Chairs: Ray Goralka (management) and John Hanecak (faculty)

The Integration Council

The Integration Council is working to refine the program review reading and ranking process and has created a prioritization rubric framework, which has been shared with Student Services, Administrative Services and Instructional Services program review units. They have established a revised process for 2010-2011 and will use it in a practice run in January.

In February and March the Integration Council will use this process to identify critical needs and common themes across the campus as revealed in program reviews and guided by the college wide plans. They will conclude this work with a written recommendation to the College Council.

Current Chairs: Keith Mikolavich (faculty) and Sue Handy (classified)

College Council

The College Council will seek input from the governance council/committee co-chairs (including the chair and vice chair of the College Council) to clarify its charge and function as the reviewer of college wide plans and the relationships between College Council and other governance council/committees.

College Council agreed they would like to add language to its charge and function that indicates that they serve as a forum to receive input on college issues and provide guidance and direction toward the appropriate review of these matters as long as it does not interfere with district policy, state law, or Title 5.

The College Council hosted a Budget Forum for the campus on Dec. 6.

Current Chairs: Ann Patton (classified) and Dennis Franco (faculty)

Institutional Planning Council

The Institutional Planning Council (IPC) has recently facilitated a review of the college’s mission statement gathering input from the various constituency groups, and submitted the resulting recommendation to the College Council. IPC also heard a presentation of the new Workforce Development Plan 2010-2015, which was forwarded to College Council for review and recommendation. The Enrollment Management Committee provided an update on the progress for developing a new enrollment management plan, and finally, IPC is talking with the College Council to improve the validation and annual review process of the college wide plans.

Current Chairs: Emily Stone (management) and Despina Prapavessi (faculty)

For the charges and functions of the above committees, please see the College Committee Handbook.