Governance at a Glance

Progress and Decisions – December 2013

2013 was a transition year bringing new beginnings, new hope and a lot of changes that will carry into 2014.

What is in this issue:

Accreditation self-evaluation
Strategic planning
Governance committee and council reports:
College Council (CC)
Integration Council (IC)
Budget Committee (BC)
Institutional Planning Council (IPC)

Accreditation self-evaluation

Every six years, DVC comprehensively evaluates itself and reports to the Accrediting Commission on Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) on our findings. This report was previously called the “self-study” and is now called the “self evaluation” report. Our next report is due in August 2014 and representatives of the ACCJC will visit our campus October 6 – 9, 2014. With cooperation from the Academic Senate, the Classified Senate, students, ASDVC, and the Management team, committees have been working to evaluate the college according to each of the Standards of accreditation.

Self-evaluation timeline

December 20, 2013

Second draft with evidence due

January 8 and 9, 2014

Spring Flex- Round table sessions 10 a.m. – noon

January-February 2014

College wide reading and revisions on second draft

February 28, 2014

Completed and compiled final document ready for college community

March, 2014

College wide reading and revisions on final draft

April-May, 2014

Document to constituencies

June-July, 2014

Document to Governing Board

August, 2014

Report submission to ACCJC

October 6-9, 2014

Visiting team to campus

The Accreditation Advisory Group is currently reviewing all draft reports received thus far. A draft of the completed document will be available for the college community to read over winter break. It will be set up online with places for comments by the community. Flex activities have been planned for January 8 and 9 from 10 a.m. to noon to create spaces for dialogue about the report. It is vitally important that everyone at the college reads the report and comes to discuss their opinions about the findings.

Please mark your calendar and make an effort to attend one or more of these sessions.

On November 16, we received notice that the Accrediting Commission accepted our Substantive Change report. That report informed the ACCJC of degrees and certificates that can be earned with at least half of the coursework being completed in a distance education format. Congratulations to everyone who worked on this!

Strategic planning

The constituency-represented strategic planning group continues to share the following text throughout the governance bodies to stimulate dialog:

Strategic directive – Diablo Valley College will improve student success

Goal 1: The college will foster excellence by integrating best practices in academic programs and student support services.

Goal 2: The college will align its governance, operational and planning processes to ensure institutional effectiveness..

Goal 3: The college will effectively direct and augment its resources to increase student learning and success.

Goal 4: The college will develop and implement a human resources plan to maximize employee expertise to support the institution’s commitment to excellence and equity.

Governance committee and council reports

All governance meetings are open to all members of the campus community; you are always invited to attend.

College Council (CC)

College Council has finalized the current DVC Committee Handbook along with the committee and decision making flow chart, reviewed College Council Internal and External Survey Results, all Governance and College Wide Committee Annual Self Evaluations, the first draft of the DVC Strategic Plan Close Out Report and checked in with the Environmental Sustainability Committee and Foundations for College Success committee.

College Council welcomes members of the campus community to join us for our meetings. Even non-members from the campus community are encouraged to attend CC meetings. 

Current Chairs: Stacey Shears (management) and Melody Phillips (classified)

Integration Council (IC)

In preparation for the upcoming reading and ranking of program reviews this coming spring semester, the council has reviewed and finalized the process used to evaluate and prioritize all college program reviews. In addition, the IC has discussed how the new Strategic Plan directive, values, and goals will be addressed in the upcoming conversations regarding program review. IC will begin reviewing the validated program reviews the first week in February. 

Current Chairs: Beth McBrien (faculty) and Marina Crouse (faculty)

Budget Committee (BC)

The Budget Committee is finalizing a written recommendation for the 2013-14 Annual Budget Plan. This written recommendation should be ready for College Council review in January 2014.

On-going funds to be allocated are $313,774 in addition to one-time funds of $432,145 for a total of $745,919. These funds will be utilized beginning July 2014. 

Current chairs: Michael Almaguer (management), second chair, Katrina Keating (faculty)

Institutional Planning Council (IPC)

The IPC continues to work on the close-out report of the previous strategic plan and finalizing the new template for collegewide plans. 

Current Chairs: Tish Young (management) co-chair Mauricio Najarro (faculty)

For the charges and functions of the above committees, please see the College Committee Handbook.

All DVC constituencies, including our students, to access our governance committee minutes and agendas through the Insite portal. Follow links above or log on to the portal, click on the committee tab, and scroll down to the list of DVC committees.