Governance at a Glance

May 2011 – Year-End Wrap-Up

Note: This document is retained for historical purposes only and should not be used for current college information. The links on this page are no longer updated and may be broken or disabled.

What is in this issue:

College Council (CC)
Budget Committee (BC)
Institutional Planning Council (IPC)

College Council

The College Council worked toward finishing up the following projects:

  • completed and analyzed the 2010-11 college-wide committee evaluation survey,
  • met with the college-wide operational committees in order to get a sense of the general operation of each committee over the past year as well as any changes that the committee would like to recommend for 2011-2012,
  • met with the college governance committees for similar year-end evaluations,
  • agreed upon and recommended the revision of DVC Procedure 1009.01, College Governance; the new DVC Procedure 6001.05, Student Union Building – Use and Scheduling; and forwarded the revisions to DVC Procedure 5018.01, Budget Allocation Process, to the president for consultation with the Academic Senate,
  • began initial discussion on Integration Council’s annual recommendations.

For more detailed information from the College Council:
The College Council has held its final meeting for the 2010-11 fiscal year.
Current Chairs: Ann Patton (classified) and Dennis Franco (faculty)

Budget Committee

At its last meeting of the year, the Budget Committee reviewed the latest budget scenarios from the State. The committee was briefed regarding estimates for next year’s budget as well as the recent budgetary changes that allowed for reinstating many sections back into to the DVC schedule for fall. The committee then reviewed the college-wide committee survey regarding the Budget Committee activities and completed the self evaluation requested by the College Council. Since all committee member’s terms were set to end next year, it was proposed that a staggered term plan be adopted, with one third of the terms ending this year, one third in 2012 and the remaining third in 2013. Lastly, the committee set its meetings for fall 2011 term.

For more detailed information from the Budget Committee:
The Budget Committee has held its final meeting for the 2010-11 fiscal year.
Current chairs: Ray Goralka (management) and John Hanecak (faculty)

Institutional Planning Council / Accreditation Steering Committee

The Institutional Planning Council (IPC) met jointly with the members of the Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) to review and approve the Formal Notification Letter to the ACCJC for a substantive change covering three topics:

  • name change from SRVC to SRC,
  • notification that DVC currently offers 75 degrees and/or certificates in which students can take at least 50 percent of the courses in a distance education format,
  • DVC is currently offering a new Medical Laboratory Technician program in cooperation with John Muir Medical Center.

The ASC also began a review of the first draft of the Focused Mid-Term Report, due to the ACCJC by October 15, 2011. ASC members provided the ALO with additional information for inclusion into the next version of the report. Finally, the ASC will await the completion of a review by the President and the ALO of the 95 items in the College Improvement Plan. The ASC has indicated that these items should not be included in the Focused Mid-Term Report, but should be referred to other college governance structures for evaluation and appropriate action.

In addition, the IPC has convened a group of co-leads from college wide plans and governance co-chairs, to 1) develop a template for college wide plan development, and 2) to discuss and finalize the process for plan approval and annual reporting on the progress of plan implementation. This group has begun a discussion about possible consolidation of plans and IPC will convene a Flex workshop in August to discuss further.

For more information, please visit:
The IPC has held its final meeting for the 2010-11 fiscal year.
Current Chairs: Emily Stone (management) and Despina Prapavessi (faculty)


For the charges and functions of the above committees, please see the College Committee Handbook.

A huge thank you to Jeanie Dewhurst, Shemila Johnson, and Ray Goralka for making it possible for ALL DVC constituencies, including our students, to access our governance committee minutes and agendas through the Insite portal. Follow links above or log on to the portal, click on the committee tab, and scroll down to the list of DVC committees.