governance at a glance

May 2012

Note: This document is retained for historical purposes only and should not be used for current college information. The links on this page are no longer updated and may be broken or disabled.

The college governance committees have been working productively throughout the term.

Here are more specifics about what they have been up to:

Budget Committee (BC)

At the last Budget Committee meeting on April 27, the members began a discussion about a five year projection of revenues and expenses, and significant options for balancing the budget were considered. This was the starting point where a campus wide discussion on these same ideas can begin.

On Friday, May 11, the BC will have its final meeting for this fiscal year. They will make decisions on their committee-assessment report and Phase III report, and will also review the committee member's terms.

For more detailed information from the Budget Committee:
Current chairs: John Hanecak (faculty), second chair is Ray Goralka (management)

Institutional Planning Council / Accreditation Steering Committee (IPC)

As agreed by the CC and college leadership, the IPC has convened a task force to develop the Phase I Strategic Planning proposal with Juan Lopez of Amistad Associates.

The results of Phase I will inform the strategic planning process to start in spring 2013. Task force members were identified by the Academic Senate President, Classified Senate President, and College President in consultation with the IPC co-chairs. The task force has met regularly and will present a proposal to CC on May 14.

Please visit the task force folder located in the U-drive under Institutional Planning for more information.

For more information, please visit:
Current Chairs: Despina Prapavessi (faculty) and Emily Stone (management)

Integration Council (IC)

The IC in consultation and collaboration with the other governance committees, is working on implementation of the two-year cycle for program review. The IC reads, analyzes, and makes recommendations for budgeting as well as college governance and planning purposes. The 2011-12 program reviews will be used to inform recommendations to the BC and the CC for 2012-14 resource allocation decisions.

This spring, the IC has read all program reviews (instructional, administrative and student services), and, using information provided, as well as follow-up, has developed prioritized requests for human resources, technology, facilities and equipment.

At the April and May meetings the IC began discussion of the general trends facing the college, and will prepare specific recommendations based on these general themes for CC. Both the final ranking of requests and general themes will be finalized in fall 2012.

A final note: a number of IC members’ terms—especially faculty— expire at the end of this term. This is a great opportunity for faculty, staff and managers to participate in a wide-ranging and deeply informed discussion about our college and where we are heading. IC meetings are very stimulating, and members gain a deep understanding of DVC that is of great importance in these turbulent times. IC membership is also an excellent experience for learning how to write effective program reviews. Please consider volunteering to serve!

For more information, please visit:
Current Chairs: Andy Barlow (faculty) and Kim Schenk (management)

College Council (CC)

Since the publication of the last Governance at a Glance, the College Council has:

  • completed its review of operational and governance committee self-evaluations from SP2011 and recommended the dissolution of the college’s Enrollment Management Committee;
  • reviewed and approved a proposed timeline for future resource allocation processes;
  • surveyed governance committee members and other college leaders on the recently completed resource allocation process, and distributed the survey results to the governance committee co-chairs;
  • distributed committee self-evaluation forms for both governance and operational committees and initiated its own self-evaluation process.

For more detailed information from the College Council:
Current Chairs: Ann Patton (classified) and Rachel Westlake (management)

For the charges and functions of the above committees, please see the College Committee Handbook.

It is now possible for ALL DVC constituencies, including our students, to access our governance committee minutes and agendas through the Insite portal. Follow links above or log on to the portal, click on the committee tab, and scroll down to the list of DVC committees.